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Official Kevin Spacey Photos as President

Former photographer Barack Obama Pete Souza photographed Kevin Spacey on the eve of the release of the new “House of Cards” season as Frank Underwood in Washington. The pictures turned out so convincing that, looking at them, it is difficult to believe that we are really not the head of state in person. The actor so well accustomed to the role for five seasons, that now he is madly going to the White House, towering behind him.

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The new “House of Cards” season will return to Netflix on May 30th. By good tradition, all the series will appear on the channel immediately. And it pleases more than ever, because, judging by the trailer, it will be difficult to break away from viewing. In the video, Frank Underwood, in an ominous voice, promises that only he knows what is best for the American people, and openly speaks about the creation of the Underwood nation, which will be in power in 2016. In 2020.In 2024. In 2028. In 2032. In 2036.


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