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Oksana Dubrovskaya
Psychologist, Ph.D.

- psychologist, candidate of psychological sciences.

The experience of conducting psychological counseling is 20 years. In the past, an associate professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy of the Siberian Medical University and the Military Medical Institute, worked at the Research Institute of Mental Health, in the helpline service. She defended her thesis at the St. Petersburg Research Psychoneurological Institute. V.M. Bekhtereva on the topic "The prevalence and psychological characteristics of adolescents with suicidal thoughts" (medical psychology).

The author of the heading "Psychological consultation" in the newspapers Novaya Gazeta District, RVS and Va-Bank.

An expert on the "First Radio of Kuban" in the talk show "That is another theme"

An expert on the TV channel “Russia. Kuban "in the program" Living in the southern capital! "


family and partner relations: treason, difficulties in finding a partner, jealousy, fear of losing love, etc.,

loss and traumatic experience: the death of a loved one, divorce, physical or moral violence, etc.,

child-parent relationship (children from 5 years),

children's problems (children from 5 years old): encopresis, enuresis, work with fears, aggressiveness, capriciousness, negativity, uncertainty, guilt, etc.,

difficulties in communication: fear of making new friends, chatting with peers, speaking in public, taking exams, etc.,

definition in the professional field.

increasing the level of psychological well-being: happiness, confidence, adequate self-esteem, love, etc.

From the first person: "The basis of my work is to help you begin to live and act consciously. You can overcome any problems using your internal resources, which we will discover together for you! My slogan is:" Live and act consciously! ""

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Hello, Oksana. Recently, I had a feeling of complete misunderstanding with my daughter. She is 10 years old, called Xenia.


My husband and I have been married for 3 years. Recently a baby was born. But I know that he is cheating on me. Changes for a long time. I want to get a divorce, but I can not decide.


Oksana, hello!

I can not find a way out of this situation. The fact is that for three years now I have been living in a small resort town on the Mediterranean. My family has an apartment there.


My husband is jealous of the past.And this is not trivial jealousy, but contempt for me (and the scandalous past is no different, but with the usual baggage of experience by the age of 29). This began to manifest itself after about a year of living together.


Hello, Oksana! Please advise - how should I be? I'm a widow. In a relationship with the opposite sex was not 10 years. I like a man married, he approached me many times, said that he loves.


Since childhood, I suffer from the fear of speech and stuttering. How to cure logophobia?


Hello! Tell me, if the chance to teach a teenager to learn, to interest him, if the habit has not yet been formed?


Since childhood, I suffer from the fear of speech and stuttering, so I can not start a family and communicate normally. Please, help! I'm already 60, and I'm not married yet.


Good afternoon. I’m 50 years old and have not been able to find a job for a year. They aren’t even invited to interviews. What should I do?


I broke up with the young man and still, willy nilly, I miss him. and earlier there were cases that I thought were strange, for example, do not sleep on your stomach, put two spoons of sugar in tea, not two. vk-enemy, instagram-enemy, because I'm a sort of *** star.


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