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Opal is mysterious, precious opal

Natural OpalAnyone who is interested in gemology will, willingly or unwittingly, reassess traditional values. First, he, as a rule, agrees with the established hierarchy in the world of precious stones. Following highlights personal favorites. And only with the gaining of sufficient experience, he suddenly understands: God, the righteous, what diamonds, what emeralds? ..There are opals- and there is the rest of the pile of gems!

So - or something like this - any owner of a luxurious, mysterious, uniquely interesting and unusually beautiful opal argues. Stories of devotion to their disgrace have been known since ancient times. The Roman emperor - either Anthony, or Antonin (the story did not preserve the details) was inflamed with a passion for a stone owned by a high-ranking official named Nonnius.

Under the brand of the fight against corruption, the emperor led the patrician under confiscation. However, among the socialized property of the desired opal was not.Then the ruler of the state wove intrigue, the result of which was the threat of exile Nonnius from Rome - an extremely unenviable perspective, because lawlessness gives rise to poverty and greatly reduces the life expectancy ...

Surprised by such a deep and consistent hostility of the father of the people, a loyal subject sought an audience with the monarch, and was accepted. In the conversation that took place alone, the emperor opened his lusts. However, in response he received only mockery. Nonny came out of the chambers of the august, not even wanting to discuss his attachment to the stone.

A detachment of dashing law enforcers was sent to the liceater. Anthony hoped to find a noble blackopalon the body of the deceased traveler. Nonny, taking advantage of the remnants of influence, managed to send the pursuit on a false trail - and was lost in the crowds of people going to Rome, and hurrying from Rome ...

We can only assume what type of gem was the cause of contention. It can be argued with high probability that it was a large black opal. Extremely catchy, beautiful and expensive. Two million sesterces - this is the estimated value of the stone that belonged to Nonnia.Pliny noted that for a year of comfortable living, it is enough to have 20 thousand sesterces.

The stone is undoubtedly rare: at that time there were already craftsmen who were trying to make imitations of real opals out of glass and tinted quartz dust. So thebuy the gemof proper quality could not even the emperors ...

Unfortunately or fortunately, but today's industry capabilities allow us to grow artificial opals, practically indistinguishable from natural gems. However, the highest quality natural opals are still estimated to be sufficient for the lifetime maintenance of several generations of the same family.


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