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Openwork basket

The standard idea and the most non-standard implementation of this idea into reality, the solution of an ordinary task in an original way is the life of a creative person. Made openwork basket can be a wonderful design of the kitchen interior and please the eye nicely. For making such beauty we need: • notebook sheets; • a sharp knife;
• knitting needle; • glue; • a bowl of the desired shape; • gouache paint. Work performance steps: 1. For the manufacture of this crafts, we use blank sheets of notebooks. You can, of course, take the written, if you plan to paint them later, or in order to save. We took clean, as there is a stock.
 blank sheets from notebooks
2. So ... A double tetrad sheet should be cut with four sharp strips with a sharp knife.
 blank bars
3. Making the required number of strips.
 Makethe required number
4. Now with the help of the spokes we make tubing for weaving using strips. The smaller the angle, the more successful and stronger the tubule will be.
using the spoke
5. Fix the tip with glue.
 fix glue
6. Necessary number of tubes is prepared.
 Necessary Number of Tubes
7. We begin the weaving, for the base we need 8 tubes. .
 Add them
8. We glue two tubes, inserting the thin end into a thick one.  We glue two tubes
9. Give the resulting long tube to dry. Then bend it in half, making a loop.
 bend it in half
10. We now put a loop on any 4 tubes.
 We put on
11. Intertwining the two ends of the work tube,output them to the next four.
 Interlacing with each other
12. We continue in a circle. So we make two rows.
 Continue in a circle
 do two rows
13. If the tubes are running out, we increase them as in making a loop.
 when making a loop
14. Starting from the third row, we begin weaving every 2 tubes.
 Starting with the third row
15 . Thus weave two more rows. Make sure that there is the same distance between the tubes.
 the same distance
16. From the fifth row we weave through each tube.
 pletm through each
17. Then we weave as many rows as we want to see at the bottom of our future basket.
 Next weaving so many rows
18.The bottom is ready.
The bottom is done
19. Now we take the bowl, turn it upside down, impose the bottom of the basket on it, raise the tubules.
 raising the tubes
20. So that nothing goes aside, you can fix several tubes with clothespins.
 can be fixed
21. We twist the bowl to the place where we want to insert the pattern.
 We twist the bowl to the place
22. Now we take the tube and gently flatten it.
 neatly flatten
23. We twist the flat tube onto the needle to the very end.
 We screw the flat tube
24. We remove from the knitting needles, glue the inner and outer ends and get a coil in the technique of quilling.
 get a coil
25. We make some more such turns.
 Doing a few more
26.We give each turn the desired shape.
 give the desired shape
27. We put curls into weaving, fixing it with glue.
 fixing with glue
28. Next, insert the tube and continue to weave to the desired height of the basket.
 continue to weave
29. Now you need to make a little pigtail, thereby ending the weaving. Slightly wet all small tubes, so that in the process of weaving they do not burst.
 you need to make a small pigtail
30. We take the first small stand, we get for the second and we bring outside; second stand for the third and output outside; so until the end of the circle.
 Berm First Rack
 we get for the second
31. We fill the last rack in the first loop.
 fill the first loop
32. Begin the second row.We take any small stands and refuel them for the first small stands, draw them inwards and out to the end in a circle.
 Start the second row
so to the end in a circle
33. Gently coat with glue droplets of the joint, let it dry. [/L_REPEAT]

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