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Overalls for a newborn - pay attention to details

When preparing for the fall and winter, many young mummies probably have a question about how to prepare their baby for these cold times, where, and most importantly, what to buy so that the child does not freeze at that time.

Comfortable and practical baby clothes for this period naturally become overalls, which are great for both wearing at home and for long frosty walks outside. Of course, for my defenseless crumb, I really want to choose the best model that would protect it from all bad weather, which, in fact, is correct, but the main thing here is not to overdo it.


For all those who need to know how to choose a jumpsuit for a newborn, we offer to listen to our advice, which is based on the numerous experiences of parents who have repeatedly come across this issue.

Going for such a purchase, it should be remembered that the heat exchange in babies is somewhat different from an adult, andit means they can freeze faster and overheat faster, that’s why it’s so important to approach this matter responsibly.

Varieties of children's overalls

Most overalls for small children are divided into two main types: demi seasonal, intended for socks at home or in warm weather, for example in early autumn or late spring. The second type, winter, is represented by insulated models that are able to warm a crumb even in the most icy winter.

In addition, children's overalls can be separate and piecework, which one to choose depends on the age and conditions of use of the thing. The most practical, convenient and safe are piece models, in the opinion of moms, because they will not randomly denude the back of the baby when you pick it up from the stroller, the cold wind does not blow out under the jacket and the baby does not catch cold.

The envelope

Separate modifications are used less often, most often, they are represented by two elements - the pants on the straps and the top jacket with a high collar and a hood.

Also very popular are the transforming overalls - special modifications that can be worn, both in the form of an envelope, and in the form of a normal overalls with pants.Transformers are very convenient and practical, because by purchasing such a thing, you get comfortable outerwear for your baby for several seasons at once, which is very attractive, because everyone knows how quickly children grow.

Most often, trasformers are bought for children who were born in early spring: while the baby is very small, they are worn in an envelope, but in the fall he learns to keep his head and he will need a jumpsuit to feel comfortable.

By simple unfastening a pair of lightning or buttons, the envelope turns into a normal overall. There is another feature of this type of children's clothing - it has the ability to adjust the size.

Pay attention to the lining

While the baby is quite small, it has enough space in the envelope, where its legs are completely hidden behind the zipper, and when it grows up, the envelope is re-strapped into a jumpsuit and instantly appears around 5-6 extra centimeters due to the fact that the baby’s feet can now look out of his pants.

Using a transforming overalls is a snap, despite the large number of all kinds of zippers and zippers. Some piecework models may have a transverse zipper along the belt line, which will allow the use of a jacket from overalls even after it becomes small.


In fact, children's overalls are special clothes that can be transformed in the most unusual way, for example, in some models, insulation can be unfastened, which makes it indispensable, both in winter and in autumn and spring. In fact, the ideal option for those who are very limited in the budget.

How to choose a quality jumpsuit for a newborn?

Considering all sorts of photos of overalls on the Internet and even real models on store shelves, it is very difficult to make the right choice, because most of them can be very attractive in appearance, but will it serve your child faithfully? So, at what points should pay attention to choose a really high-quality thing?

  • Material. Young children are very sensitive to synthetics, they may cause allergies and other skin problems, and therefore, choose models from natural fabrics. It is desirable that the material is well breathable and does not interfere with the natural heat exchange of the baby, while he is lying all day in a wheelchair or crib. It is also better that the outer fabric of the jumpsuit is waterproof, of course, you do not plan to get wet with the child in the rain or snow. But, all the same it is not enough, situations are different.
  • Insulation.Most often, down, holofiber, sintepon or sheepskin are used as a filler, which one you choose depends on your climatic conditions. For example, heaters made of synthetic materials are not designed for air temperatures below 10 °, just as sheepskin heaters can be too hot for temperate latitudes.
  • Colour. Of course, I want to pick up something bright and cute, but still pre-rub your fingers with the outer surface of the fabric: if the paint remains on your hands, it is better to set such a model aside, since it can cause an allergic reaction in the baby. Otherwise, your choice can be limited only by your imagination.
  • The size. As you know, kids are very quickly drawn out, a thing bought at the beginning of winter may already be quite small by the end of the season. The optimal option - buying a jumpsuit 2-3 sizes larger than yours, so it will last you longer, and in the cold time, all the same, the child wears several layers of clothing.
  • Design options. Older children can get a separate model, but for newborns the most convenient option, nevertheless, will be a transformer.
  • Decor.Usually, children's overalls are decorated with appliqués, buttons, sometimes the hood is sheathed with fur, but rarely, because the baby is, in fact, no good. As for fasteners, buttons can be a more convenient option for a newborn, but for older children - zippers, since they quickly learn to open all stickies and buttons.
  • If you choose a homemade overalls model, do not overdo it with a heater, especially if the house is warm. By the way, homemade models of overalls can be sewn or knit by hand, for needlewomen who decide on such a thing, there are a large number of patterns and patterns.
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