Basket of plastic bags

Basket of plastic bags Crocheting a basket is quite simple. Even a child can handle it. But if you knit from ordinary yarns, the basket will turn out too soft, and will not hold the shape. We'll have to starch, then dry. You can.

How to fly into space

How to fly into space? Anastasia Rakhmatova August 31, 2014 The world is moving forward, new technologies are developing, new services are emerging. And now you can travel not only to other countries, but also to space. Of course, there are and will be.

How to draw a tattoo

How to draw a tattoo? In order to draw a tattoo, you must have at least basic skills in drawing, especially if we are talking about a temporary tattoo that does not need professional support. Necessary tools and tools Pencil (to determine the contours.

How to use eyeliner

How to use eyeliner Women's eyes are like a bottomless well of charm, boundless sea of ​​charm and full of mysteries and secrets that everyone wants so much to solve. Therefore, their makeup should not be provocative, but attracting, not careless, but extremely neat.

How to grow a child

How to grow a child? Watch the video How to grow a child? From infancy, mothers take care of their child to eat well, gain weight and grow. Sometimes it happens that the growth of the child for some time remains unchanged, and then.

How to charge ammo

How to charge ammo? Watch the video How to charge ammo? Most experienced professional hunters try to fill the cartridges themselves, since it is good to charge cartridges both for saving money and for your pleasure. Many are not very happy with the standard.

Where is Kaluga

Where is Kaluga? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Elena Melnichenko ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������April 28, 2015 On the map Kaluga Kaluga is a picturesque and beautiful city located not far from the capital of the Russian Federation - Moscow, 160 kilometers away. Where Kaluga is located is of great importance.

What is savanna

What is savannah? Vladimir Kulinich March 25, 2013 Many have heard of this kind of landscape, like savanna. That is savanna, our article will tell. Savannas are large spaces that are in the subequatorial climate zone. They are usually covered with grass vegetation, but.

Goat and Goat

Goat and Goat I love working with linen rope and paper thread. If you take an ordinary tin can (from under canned fish or condensed milk) and paste it in a spiral with such thread, plus add work with sacking and lace, you can.

Cake of Million Crimson Roses

Million Scarlet Roses Cake Million Scarlet Rose Cakeis a recipe. Ingredients: for cake layers: pumpkin 350 grams; chicken egg 3 pieces; wheat flour 200 gr; baking powder 1 pack; Condensed Milk 200 g; vegetable oil 3 tbsp. for the filling: apple 7 pieces; lemon.

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