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Paraffin hand mask

Cosmetic paraffin for home use is sold in pharmacies or stores offering beauty and health products. When buying, you need to pay attention to the melting point - it should be low (46 degrees Celsius). Such a temperature will not cause burns.
It is most convenient to melt paraffin in a special container, but if it is not there, it can be heated in a water bath. When the paraffin becomes completely liquid, let it cool slightly, after which it should be dipped in dry clean hands. Lower each hand 2-3 times for a few seconds so that the paraffin layer is thick enough. Wear thin plastic gloves and mittens. The exposure time is about 20 minutes while the paraffin wax remains warm. After the procedure, the hands need to lubricate the nourishing cream.
Paraffin can be as pure, and with various cosmetic additives. The course of the use of paraffin masks - 10 procedures.
Contraindication to use is the presence on the skin of the hands of any dermatosis or pustular lesions.
Paraffin remaining in the tank can be reused.You can not re-melt paraffin, taken from the hands.

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