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Permanent residence in Canada.

Hi friends, I recently graduated from college and had the opportunity to go to Canada for permanent residence. I will work there with a friend. Tell me which agency is better to contact?
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Answered on February 25, 14:30
And from my college where I studied, five people went to Canada. Their parents were with svyazami, and they went there and still live there, and do not complain.
Answered on February 25 14:36
I went with my sister to Canada to earn money. Worked in the restaurant business, and more specifically as waitresses. They wanted to stay there for permanent residence, but it did not work out - life was expensive for us.
Answered 25 February 14:58
My friend and I worked for a very long time in a cafe-bar. It was in the early nineties. A foreigner got hooked to us, we started to flirt with him. And Ksenia, this is my girlfriend, he really liked. They immediately went to some agency, and it took shape abroad.So he lives there already today.

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