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Pros and cons of African braids

Afro-braid - it's stylish and original. But, like any other hairstyle, they have pros and cons.

What are Afro-braids?

Afro-braids are a whole group of hairstyles that vary depending on the type and mode of weaving. Pigtails can be regular, corrugated, curled, woven from three or two strands.

The tips can be long or absent altogether, also artificial hair (including colored) or kanekalon can be woven into the pigtails. In beauty salons there are such different names as "zizi", Thai, corrugation, "pony title", classic, "brades", curls, Senegalese, "Catherine Twist" and so on.

Who is this pigtail?

Who are the African braids? This hairstyle is quite specific. For example, it opens up almost the entire face, so one of the necessary conditions is its correct shape, that is, oval. But excessive roundness, heavy chin or sharp cheekbones may become more pronounced.

In addition, in most cases, the bangs are woven into the braids, so if the forehead is large, then the hair will not change you. Although the bangs can be left untouched if it is thick and straight.

The second important point is the style of clothing. Afrocos are ideally combined with youth and free style, but they can make a glamorous or austere image ridiculous.

And one more thing: lifestyle. Often African braids are chosen by active people. But if you work in an office in which a dress code is in effect, then the authorities are unlikely to approve of this haircut.

How to weave?

Just worth noting that at home, braid afrokosy will be very difficult, especially to do it neatly, in any case you need an assistant. But still it is better to go to a beauty salon or a hairdresser, an experienced specialist will do everything in the best possible way.

How to care?

Caring for afrokosami is easy, but still there are some difficulties.

Basic rules of care:

  • For washing, it is better to use shampoo for normal hair, preferably without the oils, conditioning and other additives, they can wash out their braided hair badly. Apply a small amount of detergent to a sponge.Foam well and distribute it on the head: first, carefully process the scalp, then go to the pigtails themselves and move from their bases to the tips. Wash everything with gentle massaging movements, and then rinse well under running warm running water. Make sure that all the foam is washed. Next, squeeze the braids, but not actively, so as not to damage the hairs, they are stretched, so are particularly vulnerable.
  • How to dry afrokosy? Immediately it is worth noting that they dry for a long time. To speed up the process, blot them with a towel a few times. Then dry the pigtails either naturally at room temperature or with a hair dryer, but at minimum temperatures.
  • Regularly undergo correction. It consists in the removal of furrowed, protruding, and knocked out hairs, as well as in the interweaving of some loose braids.
  • To pigtails are not tangled, you need to tie them in the tail at night.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of African braids:

  • This is a great way to change the image, and cardinally. Afrokosichki absolutely exactly change you beyond recognition!
  • Afrokosy will help to significantly increase the length of hair, if they are woven artificial hair or kanekalon. The density also noticeably change for the better.
  • You absolutely will look bright, stylish and creative.
  • With the help of braids you can change the hair color, if you choose colored artificial hair or Kanekalon.
  • For some time you can forget about styling, and this is good news. Moreover, afrokosa do not even need to comb!
  • This hairstyle is quite durable, on average, they go with 4-6 months (subject to timely correction).
  • Splicing braids can be at home, it is much faster and easier than their weaving. So if a new image suddenly bothers you, you can easily change it again.
  • Afro-braids partially protect your hair from the detrimental effects of such negative factors as hot and dry air of a hair dryer, cold, rain, dust, frequent styling, ultraviolet.
  • In winter, the braids may well replace the cap, with them you will not get cold.


  • At first, there may be discomfort due to excessive tension of the hair. Some have tightness of the scalp, discomfort or even headaches. But literally in a week or two such symptoms will disappear.
  • The disadvantages can be attributed rather complicated care. For example, you have to spend much more time than usual on washing and drying.
  • The process of creating a haircut is long.So, if afro-braids are woven over long hair, the procedure can take about 10 hours!
  • If we used kanekalon for weaving, then in summer it can be quite hot with braids, as they will resemble a cap, and quite warm.
  • The procedure is expensive. Its cost can vary from 2 to 10-15 thousand rubles.
  • Hairstyle is not for everyone, it may spoil the appearance of some.
  • If the braids are braided incorrectly, or you neglect proper care for them, then the condition of your natural hair may deteriorate. For example, excessive tension can damage the bulbs, and this, in turn, will cause precipitation.

If you are still undecided, now you can accurately weigh the pros and cons and either decide on the braids or understand that they will not work for you.

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