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Question to men

A question for men. Tell us what clothes you wear every day and what style do you prefer? I can�t get my style right. He answers to all my recommendations that nobody goes this way. Here I was wondering who actually walks.
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Maybe he just does not like that you are involved in his personal life and decide for him what to wear? Some boundaries in the relationship still have to exist.
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Moryakg, yeah, she just broke those boundaries, since the man already on ALL sentences says that they don�t go like that))
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I usually wear men's jeans classic Wrangler Or Levis. Top t-shirt, shirt, pullover or shirt / t-shirt plus jacket. On the feet or sneakers or shoes. That's my whole wardrobe. It seems to me that the majority goes about like this.
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Julia Kiseleva
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I always buy clothes to my husband myself and he likes the style.Constantly ordering branded clothes and accessories strellson in the online store. They have all the collections - these are stylish models that are suitable for any weather and any occasion. My husband's friends are always interested in, where he buys such stylish and fashionable things? Think maybe you should buy a pair of branded items for your man.

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