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Relief (sculpted) carpets in the interior

The main difference of such carpets is that their pattern is embossed, projecting in height. To achieve this effect can be a special vystrizhkoy.
The forms of sculpted carpets are different, as are their sizes. You can use them traditionally - in the hall, and you can lay in the nursery, bathroom or any other room of the apartment or house. Someone may even take a chance and decorate such a carpet with a wall. But here you need to be careful not to get a subject for guests' smiles instead of a unique decor.
Sculptured carpets can be made by machine. In this case, the relief pattern will not be very difficult, and the finished products will appear in the interior of more than one house. The author's work allows you to get a unique carpet in a single copy. This can only be the idea of ​​the artist in isolation from the general interior for which the carpet is intended, or it can be a creation created for the design of the customer.
When ordering a sculptural carpet, you need to be prepared to wait at least a couple of months. The work is manual, technology is laborious, so you need to be patient in order to get a masterpiece, not a stamped copy.
Tibetan and New Zealand sheep wool is used as a carpet material. Silk flecks are often present. The budget option is nylon and acrylic.
Caring for embossed carpets is simple - hand cleaning with special brushes and soft water, to which non-aggressive soap is added. In the case of heavy pollution, it is better to consult a specialist. Furniture on such carpets can not be put - footprints from the legs will spoil the look and design of the designer.

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