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Review of the best matting tonal means

For many women, oily skin is a sentence. They are trying in every possible way to fight it, but in an unequal battle, subcutaneous fat, which is produced in excess, still wins, and therefore entails an unpleasant glow and even the appearance of premature wrinkles.

But instead of waging a desperate struggle with what nature has awarded you, it is better to choose the right tools that will help to hide all the shortcomings. And to create the perfect make-up with a magic wand, a good matting base will become.

Checkmate glitter!

Tonal creams for oily and combination skin do not contain oils, so they easily fall on the skin, gently soaking. Of course, with the help of such cosmetics you will not get the perfect appearance, but a smooth, even tone, on which you can create a suitable image, will be provided to you. On such a basis, you can safely apply powder or blush, and the time during which your face will remain perfectly matte, will really amaze you.

Among the variety of modern cosmetics it is difficult to find a suitable price and quality. But we will definitely help you with this by testing a few of the most popular and effective foundation creams.

Diorskin Ultra Mat by Dior

A plus. Long retains the original look of makeup and is able to keep haze for 24 hours. Hypoallergenic, helps maintain the proper fat balance of the skin. A wide selection of tones allows you to choose the right fit for every woman.

Minus. A rather dense texture can create a mask effect on the face, if applied with fingers.

Tenue de Perfection by Guerlain

A plus. Weightless texture evenly lay on the skin, instantly absorbed. It lasts for 12 hours, effectively absorbing the secreted subcutaneous fat during the day, thereby ensuring an even tone and eliminating the need for frequent make-up correction.

Minus. Despite its light texture, over time it is able to clog pores, therefore it requires a properly selected makeup remover. It should also be prepared for the fact that this cream, referring to the segment of luxury-cosmetics, is quite expensive, your wallet will have to lose 2200-3000 rubles.

Maybelline Affinimat by Maybelline

A plus. Thanks to absorbing particles, which play the role of a kind of sponge, excess fat is quickly absorbed, and the coating has the most natural appearance and long-lasting durability. Another advantage is the cost. The average price category allows you to purchase this tool for almost any girl. In stores you can buy it for 300-450 rubles.

Minus. Liquid consistency can cause some problems with application and create small stains. In the composition of the cream there is alcohol, so the skin peeling may become more pronounced.

Vichy Norma Teint by Vichy

A plus. Cream of high quality from natural ingredients. Well moisturizes the skin, gently drying. In addition to its immediate tone leveling function, it also helps to eliminate small pimples and inflamed patches. Well masks skin defects, does not create the effect of a mask. An important plus is also that the tonal base from Vichy leaves no traces on the clothes.

Minus. A small range of shades and a high price, due to the unique composition and clinically confirmed effect. Buy better in pharmacies.

Avon Personal Match by Avon

A plus. The best budget option.Kaolin helps the regulation of water-fat balance, extracts of medicinal plants effectively eliminate inflammation, and corn oil softens the skin, making it more silky. Another nice bonus is SPF 15.

Minus. Often absent in stores and online orders, so you have to look for a consultant and place an order with him.

Max Factor Second Skin by Max Factor

A plus. Great solution for oily skin. The cream is able to adjust to the type of your skin and instantly becomes invisible, while at the same time hiding all the shortcomings and making the skin matte-porcelain. This tool will be affordable for most women, as it belongs to the middle price category and is relatively inexpensive. In cosmetics stores it can be purchased for 650 - 770 rubles.

Minus. Dense texture requires proper application with a professional egg-shaped sponge or brush to avoid noticeable transitions.

Naturalness in fashion!

Whatever one may say, any makeup base after applying becomes more or less noticeable, especially it becomes apparent on the face prone to fat. To get rid of these problems, it is worth remembering a few simple rules:

  1. Matting agent is applied only to dry and clean skin, it is better to do it in the morning after washing.
  2. If before applying the foundation, you also use the usual day cream, then wait until it is completely dry and then start making makeup.
  3. If during the day there was a need to tinker with makeup, remember that you can put powder on top of the matting base, but in no case is not another layer of cream. It is better to completely clean the face and make up again.

Matirujushchie tonal bases - the present rescue for a fat skin, they give the chance to achieve an equal tone and a neat base for drawing of decorative cosmetics. Therefore, it is not worth complaining that nature thus decided to "punish" you, because everything you need in this situation is just the right choice of cosmetics.

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