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Rope chandelier (lamp)

Materials and tools:

  1. plastic bottle;
  2. hacksaw;
  3. Scotch;
  4. gum;
  5. scissors;
  6. a lamp (a plafond, a switch, a plug);
  7. Modge-Podge glue;
  8. sandpaper;
  9. thick yarn (twine, packing rope);
  10. Warning! Do not use incandescent lights.

Step 1

Take a plastic bottle and cut off the neck completely. Remove the sticker, then sand the part of the bottle extending from the neck with an emery paper and tape it down below, instead of the sticker, seal it with adhesive tape (see figure).

Step 2

At the top of the neck we will fix the elastic band. Fix the end of the rope in an elastic band and proceed to winding, put the turns tightly to each other. Periodically grease with glue.When the rope is fully wound, we cut the rope and thoroughly coat the entire surface of the ceiling with glue.

Modge-Podge glue will perfectly suit this master class, because it is not whimsical to use, leaves no residue, dries quickly, is easily washed off. You can also use glue with similar characteristics.

Step 3

In spite of the excellent quality of glue, it is better to leave the ceiling blank for a few hours to prevent it from turning out as shown in the figure.

Step 4

When the glue is completely dry - it can take up to 12 hours. Take the bottle and begin to slowly push through the bottom of the ceiling, making dents deeper. Then remove the top gum. Now, very slowly and carefully remove the cover from the bottle. The bottle must be clamped, for example, between the knees and clasping the cover with both hands, slightly turning, remove the cover from the bottle.

At this step, you must be very careful and most importantly do not rush.


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