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RTI has become more accessible

The cost of rubber products today is really nice. Due to the high competition among producers, it turns out that consumers receive the most favorable price offers. Suppliers RTI a huge amount. Choose among the huge list of who will meet all the necessary requirements, it will be quite easy. Rabber Company is ready to become a successful partner for your business. The proposed range of products makes it possible to close the production needs in rubber products as much as possible.

Packing and Getinax

It is not difficult to buy Getinax RTI. It will only be necessary to determine the thickness of the product. Getinaks has excellent insulating properties. With it, you can make lightweight construction. Practically in all industries it is used. Leaf getinaks not whimsical in the work. It is very easily machined. However, all its properties are preserved.

The graphite stuffing box here will be obtained at very democratic prices. It is used as a filler for packing cells. Due to this, it turns out to achieve reliable tightness of all types of connections. Excellent thermal conductivity is a distinctive feature of this product. The working temperature range is quite wide. The cost of stuffing stuffing depends on the physical parameters of the material.

Worm clamp

In the company "Rabber Company" will also get a metal worm clamp. Here is a link that should be followed to make a quick purchase of products. Worm clamps are used for hermetic mounting of various diameters of branch pipes and hoses. Designed to work in the temperature range from -60 to +120 degrees. The maximum pressure is 1MPa. The worm clamp is made of stainless steel. He found active use in the following industries:

  • construction;
  • automotive;
  • engineering, etc.

Working with the clamp is very simple. No special tools or effort required. The screw must be tightened with a conventional screwdriver or a wrench.The minimum of actions is required in order to perform the necessary operations with the clamp. The Rabber Company company suggests to get worm clamps of various diameter for reasonable prices. Product quality meets high standards and requirements.


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