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Safety at rest

Because of the specifics of the work, I thought about safety - my own and family safety. At work, we entered into an agreement with a security company; we conduct constant video surveillance. The house alarm has long been. But in the spring we are going with our family to rest in the Odessa region and I want to not worry about their safety there either. Putting an alarm is not an option. Maybe there are any other opportunities?
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Answered on March 17, 17:56
And about the bodyguard you did not think? I understand that you do not need to protect things, but to ensure the safety of people? Consider the maintenance option then.
Answered on March 17, 18:02
I agree, personal security is a good option to accompany on vacation. Definitely easier and more convenient than alarm and video surveillance. But be sure to choose the agency carefully, so that all permissions and licenses are in order. In Odessa, there is such a company, look
Answered on March 17, 18:10
I read the question and comments - I remembered the film with Whitney Houston “The Bodyguard”.I hope the killers do not hunt for you, but guard-escort is a really good way to sleep peacefully.

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