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Separate meals

Separate food photoThe use of meat, dairy and vegetable products on different days is the essence of such a thing as food. The question may arise, what is the reason? explains, eating different foods suspends the absorption of food and impairs health. But this does not mean that absolutely everyone should switch to separate meals. It is recommended only to those people who have problems with the digestive tract.


The basic principles of separate feeding are developed by W. Hay and G. Shelton, but each of them has its own approach. We will try to systematize a little these developments and bring something in between.


Separate meals for a week.



Then you can read what should be divided meals for a week.



  • Breakfast.Breakfast is best from 7 to 8 am. The diet should consist of kiwi - 2 pieces, rolled oats on water, tea without sugar.
  • Lunch.He is satisfied with the hours of 11 days. Eat a salad seasoned with olive oil.
  • Dinner.At 13 o'clock. Some boiled chicken breast, broccoli, a couple of pieces of cheese.
  • Snack.At 17 o'clock eat a pear.
  • Dinner.Dinner (19-00) should consist of vegetable soup and low-fat omelet from 2 eggs.




  • Breakfast.Buckwheat porridge with orange, tea without sugar.
  • Lunch.An Apple.
  • Dinner.100 gram serving consisting of boiled fish with steamed vegetables and salad.
  • Snack.Packing of yogurt.
  • Dinner.Green salad with vegetable soup.




  • Breakfast.100 grams of orange juice and 100 grams of water, rye porridge with milk, tea without sugar.
  • Lunch.Green apple.
  • Dinner.100 gram serving - steamed vegetables, boiled veal, vegetable salad.
  • Snack.Walnuts - 5 pieces.
  • Dinner.Cauliflower baked with cheese




  • Breakfast.A pair of tangerines, barley porridge with skim milk, coarse toast, tea without sugar.
  • Lunch.Green apple.
  • Dinner.Stewed eggplants with green salad, a couple of pieces of cheese, boiled squids.
  • Snack.4 pieces of prunes.
  • Dinner.Boiled vegetables, fried eggs with tomatoes.




  • Breakfast.Hercules with fruit, yogurt, 2 kiwis, tea without sugar.
  • Lunch.Green apple.
  • Dinner.Broccoli with lettuce and cauliflower, half chicken breast.
  • Snack.Banana or orange.
  • Dinner.Tomatoes with cheese and vegetable soup.




  • Breakfast.Orange, toast from whole-grain bread, buckwheat porridge, tea without sugar.
  • Lunch.Banana with an apple.
  • Dinner.Vegetable soup, boiled fish, cheese, green salad.
  • Snack.A bit of almond.
  • Dinner.Green salad, scrambled eggs with steamed vegetables and mushrooms.




The diet for the whole day - 1.5 kilograms of green apples.


Such a separate food menu would be ideal for normalizing the gastrointestinal tract and reducing body weight.


90 day diet of separate meals.



Separate food photo

The 90 day separate diet is carried out in several cycles consisting of 4 days. Its essence lies in the fact that on certain days you can consume only one type of food.


  • The first day of the cycle.Consumption of protein food is allowed only. It's called protein. You can eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy products. To improve digestion, vegetables are allowed.
  • The second day of the cycle.It is called starchy. Meals should consist of grain bread, potatoes, legumes. In a word, everything is possible where there is starch.
  • The third day of the cycle.Carbohydrate. On this day, meals are allowed with vegetables, pastries without yeast, milk and eggs, grain bread, cereals, pasta. As a dessert before bed, eat a little bit of dark chocolate.
  • The fourth day of the cycle.Fruit day.All kinds of fruits are allowed, and exotic to that is no exception. You can eat nuts, seeds, dried fruits. Drink fresh juices. That there were no problems with digestive processes to eat better in small portions, but often.


After 7 cycles, a fasting day should be arranged. This will be the 29th day of the diet. Drink only water and nothing else. Then the cycle of separate feeding begins again.


But the 90 day separate diet has its small nuances that should be followed. They are not complicated.


  • Do not eat anything for breakfast, except fruit.
  • Dine not earlier than 12-00.
  • If you do not have the strength to endure hunger, and before dinner is still far away, eat some fruit.
  • The time interval between lunch and dinner should be at least 4 hours. Especially on protein days.
  • There are after 20-00 - this is a taboo.
  • Eat fruit on the appropriate day every 2 ... 3 hours. Do not worry about the high frequency of consumption. Fruits quickly reduce appetite.
  • The largest serving size should be at lunch. The volume of products in the evening is less than daytime 3 times.
  • If salads without dressing do not like, then use vegetable oil.
  • In order to avoid possible food poisoning, purchase products only from trusted distributors or manufacturers.Often, in their production, not very useful chemical compounds are used.
  • Do not eat fried foods. For cooking, use the oven or double boiler.
  • If possible, replace coffee and tea with spring water.
  • It is known that salt is very unhealthy. Minimize its consumption, or replace it with a variety of oriental seasonings.
  • Take part in an active sport, such as swimming or running. In this case, calories are burned faster, muscles develop and weight is reduced.
  • Based on the conditions of your work and weight, calculate the required number of calories consumed and watch for it.


Recipes separate food.



Separate food photoRecipes separate food special diversity does not differ. But the most common and popular ones can be identified.


Breakfast of cottage cheese sandwich and sweet pepper.



Bold cottage cheese - 50 grams

Bran Bread - 2 Pieces

Sweet pepper - 1 piece

Buttermilk - 1 cup



Pepper wash and cut into 4 parts. Partitions and seeds to remove. Cottage cheese mix with pre-cut onion rings. Spread bread on this mass, put pepper pieces on top.For 20 minutes before consumption of sandwiches, drink a glass of buttermilk.


Breakfast of fruit and dairy products.



Sweet berries (strawberries or raspberries) - 100 grams

Big green apple - 1 piece

Low Fat Yogurt - 1 Glass

Milk - 1 cup



Berries to sort and wash in cold water. Cut the apple and cut into small cubes. Mix together with berries, yogurt and wheat bran. Pour over the milk.


Wheat bran and fruit salad.



Apple - ½ pieces

A little buttermilk

Orange - 1 piece

Banana - ½ pieces

Some honey

Some grapes



Orange and banana cut into thin circles. Mix with finely grated apple, honey and bran. Pour all the buttermilk.


Product compatibility with separate power supply.



The compatibility of products with separate food is a very important issue and requires special consideration. We read further.


  1. Legumes and legumes (lentils, peas, beans, beans) are well combined with vegetable oil and green vegetables.
  2. Avoid the consumption of fried and refined butter.
  3. Vegetables that do not contain starch are combined with animal fats and vegetable oil in small quantities.Such vegetables include parsley, dill, onion, radish, carrots, sweet peppers, Provencal herbs, lettuce, celery, beets, eggplants, cucumbers.
  4. Curd consume only with dairy products. This is a separate product, not compatible with meat and fruit.
  5. Eat lean birds, meat, fish. They go well with vegetables. Animal protein does not cause side effects, digestion is accelerated, cholesterol levels are reduced, and the metabolic process is accelerated accordingly.
  6. Starchy vegetables are very helpful. These include green peas, sweet potatoes, potatoes, bread. A little less starch is found in the trouser, radish, turnip, radish. But the above vegetables are not combined with animal fats. Do not eat dumplings with bread.
  7. Sour fruits and tomatoes have low compatibility. They are worth 20 minutes before the main meal, because there is an "acceleration" of the entire digestive system. Do not eat on an empty stomach melon or watermelon.
  8. Milk has the property of folding when consumed in combination with fruit and vegetable juices. As a result, rotting begins in the gastrointestinal tract.This can lead to indigestion, heartburn and so on.
  9. Eggs are composed of simple protein, which is easily digested. They blend perfectly with green vegetables.
  10. Mushrooms are well combined with proteins and carbohydrates. But do not forget that such a food is heavy for the stomach and it is desirable to keep its consumption level to a minimum. To facilitate the digestion of mushrooms, combine them with vegetables.


Separate food by blood group.



Depending on the blood group, there are tangible differences in the diet. For example, animal proteins are best absorbed in people with the first group of blood. Accordingly, they should focus on this type of product. But, whenever possible, it is necessary to refuse flour and dairy products. Such blood is the oldest and most common. Such people have strong immunity and rarely get sick. In addition to dairy and flour products, the gastrointestinal tract digests everything. That is why more often others are experimenting with a variety of diets.Separate food photo


People with the first group of blood should focus on lean lamb and beef, salmon, pike, walnuts and pumpkin seeds.Under the ban are products such as fatty meat and any milk, even skimmed. Also refuse products containing flour, citrus fruits, potatoes and olives. In order to lose weight, it is best to eat seafood, red meat and liver. For the opposite result, you need wheat, corn, cabbage, beans and legumes.


The second blood group is less common than the first. Such people are called farmers. Hence, their food is vegetarian. Historians believe that the second group of blood appeared at the time when people invented the plow and began to actively cultivate the land. As a consequence, the relatively weak gastrointestinal tract is tuned more to digest food of plant origin. But it is desirable to purchase such products from trusted manufacturers in environmentally friendly regions. If possible, you should abandon the meat or reduce its consumption to a minimum. Such food is poorly absorbed by people with the second group of blood and forms subcutaneous fat. Dairy products are also not recommended. Focus on vegetables and fruits. There is practically no fat in them.


Preferred products for separate food for people with a second blood group are seafood, soybean, Jerusalem artichoke, artichoke, rice, beans, buckwheat porridge, pineapple with a lot of useful acids. Do not focus on dishes from potatoes, ketchup, apricots, wheat bread, mayonnaise, cranberries. To achieve a tangible weight loss, do not eat meat, wheat and milk. To accelerate metabolism, fruits, vegetables, vegetable oil, soybean are desirable.


Separate food photoThe third blood group is not very common. Such people are called nomads. It is believed that such blood arose due to the population of the northern regions of the planet. Changes in the environment, in climate caused the emergence of a new blood group, stronger and stronger. Such people are highly immune, less prone to disease. But they should not eat foods such as tomatoes, sunflower oil, soy, pomegranate, chicken. Preferred are rabbit, flaxseed, lamb, fish and dairy products. Red meat, liver, green vegetables, liver, eggs and low-fat dairy products will help reduce weight. For weight gain, you should eat sesame seeds, buckwheat, peanuts, corn and lentils.


The fourth blood group is the rarest and the youngest.It appeared several thousand years ago as a result of the mixing of different groups of peoples. Previously, owners of such blood were called “new people”. They are very sensitive and react to the slightest changes, both the environment and the diet. The most preferred food for "new people" are lamb, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Weight reduction can be achieved by the consumption of smoked seafood, green vegetables, pineapples, dairy products.


But it is worth knowing that not all doctors are positively disposed to separate meals. Critics believe that this technique is a violation of the natural course of human nutrition. People, as a biological unit, initially consumed a variety of foods. Our body is already "debugged" under a varied diet. If you disturb the natural course of things, then over time the digestive system simply will not be able to cope with dumplings, rich borscht, etc.


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