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September 29 - professional holiday of the machine builder

We use the products of labor of mechanical engineers regularly. When we go to work in a trolley bus, we turn on the microwave, we buy goods created in factories equipped with machines. When cutting off bread, we must understand that it would not have appeared on the kitchen table without the involvement of the combine in the collection of grain. And the table in the kitchen itself would not have appeared ...

It turns out that mechanical engineering is the basic branch of any economic system. The better machine-building plants work, the more comfortable it is for people living in the country. Recently, the production of robotics is gaining momentum. It was the robots involved in the elimination of the disaster that recently occurred in Japan at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Holiday of all machine builders

Man has been building machines for two centuries. The technology was developing rapidly, production volumes were growing, new directions were emerging. Last September Sunday is the Machine Builder's Day, this year on September 29.This holiday is celebrated by engineers, machine builders and all those associated with this industry in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

The celebration of this date is closely connected with the history of the USSR. In 1980, the legendary Decree of the Supreme Council, regulating memorable and public holidays in the country, was issued. The document was published on October 1. Later, in 1988, the Decree was amended. The holiday, however, received official status and firmly entered the public consciousness.

Engineering has a fairly branched structure. Three whales on which it keeps are high-tech, metal-intensive and labor-intensive production. Then there is a division into industry subgroups, including, among other things, both the defense complex and equipment repair.

In the Soviet era, priority was given to the defense complex - after all, the world was engulfed in the Cold War. There was no competition as such - the costs of a planned economy. The situation radically changed in the early 90s due to the collapse of the USSR. The number of orders has decreased, a number of enterprises have declined. After the crisis that broke out in 1998, the “thaw” began.The most "advanced" enterprises began to introduce innovative technologies, to seek new markets. The revitalization of the manufacturing sector is largely connected with the automation of the process, as well as its transfer to information support.

The Day of Mechanical Engineer, being an exceptionally professional holiday, has long overstepped close “boundaries”, becoming a national treasure. The events dedicated to this landmark event gather thousands of ordinary citizens in large cities. Organized concerts, corporate evenings, veterans are honored. Employees recognized as the best in their profession are not without their well-deserved awards and diplomas. In Russia, for example, the title "Honored Mechanical Engineer of the Russian Federation" is provided.

Girls can work in a factory too.

One of the traditional forms of celebration is the open day. Relatives of workers, high school students and students receive a unique chance to visit closed enterprises, get acquainted with the labor process. On the squares, mass festivities are organized, famous artists invited by the administration perform in the halls of the Palace of Culture.

The company "ASCON" is engaged in the annual organization of meetings and seminars,gathering leading representatives of the instrument-making sector, researchers, plant managers and faculty members from all over the country. The movement covers Yekaterinburg, Vladimir, Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Tolyatti, Yaroslavl and a number of other industrial centers of Russia. The teleconference, which is established live between the St. Petersburg headquarters of ASCON and the selected cities, helps to penetrate the spirit of unity and common interests.

The celebration, sanctioned by ASCON, is taking place on a truly oriental scale in Tashkent, the sunny capital of Uzbekistan. The seminar guests are welcomed at the conference hall of the hotel “Le Grande Plaza”. The event is covered by representatives of the largest media.

In Tolyatti, in the homeland of AvtoVAZ, an international professional skill contest is regularly held. Workers compete in the skills of selling cars, repairing the crumpled body and electricians. On urban sports grounds and stadiums, athletes compete in various disciplines - football, boxing, athletics, chess. “LADA” at its booth plays brand prizes - as part of a quiz on knowledge of the history of the plant.

Today, mostly young professionals work in the engineering industry. Their salary grows every year. The profession again becomes prestigious.

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