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Sequins, lurex and glitter: the most brilliant outfits for the New Year

Top with sequins

Such a self-sufficient top, even ordinary jeans will make a festive attire for the New Year. We also like the idea of ​​playing with ribbons instead of strapless and tying them in various and clever ways around the neck.

Zara sequin top

Zara sequin top (2 299 rub.)

Suit with lurex

In brilliance from head to toe? On holidays it is needed to afford a little more courageous attacks than usual. In addition, this set is cleverly divided into two separate things that after the New Year may exist different lives.

Costume with lurex Topshop

Topshop Lurex Costume (£ 63)

Diamond Ring

Diamonds in the rays of artificial light can sparkle no worse than Lurex or sequins, so that without their presence, the New Year's party would not be so shining.

Ring SL from the collection "Exclusive", white gold, diamonds

Ring SL from the Exclusive collection, white gold, diamonds (to order)

Jumper with lurex

Glory of cheap material was fixed to Lurex due to the fact that it was monstrously popular in the 90s.But since then, we have destroyed so many stereotypes on the subject of shiny fabrics that the question resolved itself: the tasteless thing is that you cannot wear.

Uterque Lurex Jumper

Uterque sweater with lurex (4 950 rub. On discount)

Kimono with sequins

Love the sequins, like no other, and in large quantities? Then, instead of a top or dress, buy yourself a dressing gown of colored sequins: in the summer it will serve as evening outerwear on Fridays after work, and in the New Year it will be re-trained in a dress if you wear it with a belt over a thin black combination.

River Island Kimono with Sequins

Clutch with sparkles

Many things are unlikely to fit into this clutch, but fashion connoisseurs buy Maison Margiela things rather from aesthetic than from practical considerations. The design of the clutch is made so that it rather resembles a New Year card than a bag.

MM6 Maison Margiela Clutch

MM6 Maison Margiela Clutch (€ 9,065 at a discount)

Glitter boots

When we talk about shiny festive shoes, we don’t necessarily mean only shoes and sandals with heels. Spectacular shoes with a New Year's mood can be the same as these rainbow boots, by the way, to a tee for our winter.

Dr. Boots Martens with glitter

Dr. Boots Martens with glitter (£ 115)

Socks with lurex

How to quickly make ordinary shoes festive? Just add an accessory that is already ready for the holiday - socks with lurex and embroidery with crystals that will dance with you at any party.

Mango Lurex Socks

Socks with Lurex Mango (499 rub.


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