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Sergey Shnurov summoned Vladimir Pozner to the battle

“Battle of the Year” (a duel between rappers Oksimiron and Purulent) gives rest to many. That's the leader of the group "Leningrad" Sergey Shnurov wanted to test his strength in a battle in words. It was necessary to find only a reason and a worthy opponent, and he and the other were found

Vladimir Pozner this week on the air of the Baltkom radio station spoke out sharply about the leader of the Leningrad group, calling it empty and uninteresting. "Well? Following the fashion and general cultural trends, I call Posner to a battle, - wrote Sergey in his Instagram. - This is neither mine nor its genre, so we have equal starting conditions. The site does not matter to me. " Subscribers have already prepared for verbal battles, but the TV presenter refused, calling the challenge to him an absolutely PR thing. “There is no goal there,” he explained. “I will not do this.” On this and dispersed. A pity, we could witness the second spectacular battle in a week!

Well? Following the fashion and general cultural trends, I call V.V. Posner to BattleThis is not my genre and not its, therefore the starting conditions are equal. The site does not matter to me - Word, Versus or Channel One, fuck me where it will be. As Posner wishes.


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