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Favorite Number service on MTS

Recently, mobile communications have become so affordable that mobile conversations have gradually turned from a practical means of communication into a kind of entertainment, as people can talk on the phone for hours. This is largely due to the availability of special tariff plans and services, with the help of which you can talk on your mobile phone without any restrictions, without worrying about the balance on your personal account.

Especially for subscribers who can talk with someone from their relatives for a long time, MTS has developed the Favorite Number service. You can choose one number, connect the corresponding service to it and talk with this subscriber half cheaper than with other MTS subscribers.

How to activate the service?

As with other MTS services, there are several simple ways to connect a service. You can use any of them yourself.

  1. Using mobile. This is the fastest and easiest way to activate the service "Favorite Number".All you need is to dial on your phone a combination of digits * 111 * 42 # and press the call button. The operator will process your request and within a few hours an information message will come to your number indicating that the service has been successfully connected.
  2. The official representative of the company. If you are not confident in your own abilities and are afraid to independently activate the service, you can always contact the company's employees for help. At any MTS office you will receive full information about the service “Favorite Number”, and the operator will connect it to your phone.
  3. The official website of the company. By visiting the MTS website on the Internet, you can register your personal account and use it not only to activate the Favorite Number service, but also to control your number and personal account in the future. To connect the number of the selected subscriber as a favorite, go to the "Services" menu and select the desired service from the dropdown list. The service is activated after pressing a special button. The only thing you need to do is to correctly indicate the number for which you want to receive a discount. As in the previous cases, you will be informed about the activation via SMS message.If for some reason you did not manage to independently connect the service via the Internet, you can always use the services of an online consultant directly on the official website.

For connection you have to pay 25 rubles, and in the future you will be charged one and a half rubles per day for using one connected number.

How to disable the service "Favorite Number" MTS?

Like any other service, “Favorite Number” can be turned off when you no longer need it. The disconnection procedure takes place in a similar way: via the Internet, with the help of MTS office staff or an operator. You can also cancel the service by calling the short number 0890.


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