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Should I divorce?

To begin with, the thought of divorce does not occur to happy couples loving each other. The question of whether to divorce arises only when family relationships do not satisfy one or both spouses. If both, then the problem is solved much easier. And when such thoughts occur only to you - there is a huge uncertainty and unwillingness to take responsibility for such a step. You can live, and only you can decide your fate.

But still, do not chop the heat of the moment. You will not lift the spilled, you will not return the lived. But it’s not worth holding out of the last strength for the exhausted relations either. Yes, divorce is a serious step, but if you analyze your situation correctly and understand that there is no further joint future, only a divorce will help you start a new life and become happy. This is our main goal and the meaning of life, to be happy. Happiness gives us only two emotions in life: interest and joy. Everything else that we surround ourselves with in life - work, family, hobbies, these are the mechanisms and ways of obtaining these emotions. Let's test ourselves a little.Answer yourself honestly to the following questions:

  • Am i happy now
  • If I could return to the past, with today's knowledge, would I choose my spouse again?
  • If not - what's stopping me from divorcing him now?

The answer to the last question will be your guide to action. If you can not get a divorce, because you have nowhere to live - look for an option to find your own housing. If you think that you will never again meet such a sensitive / caring / attentive, who will understand you so well - you are mistaken. On the contrary, staying with him - you will never meet for sure.

Should I divorce my husband

Here are the reasons for which exactly you need to divorce, in my subjective opinion:

  • Firstly, it is chronic alcoholism. Do not think that you will be able to re-educate your husband once. Do not imagine yourself as the Savior. So, you only force yourself into a trap, called “He will disappear without me.” And with him you will be lost. The question of whether to divorce her husband is no longer so relevant. Be sure to do this.
  • Secondly, it is a betrayal of a husband. Sex is the basis of a strong family.If there was a betrayal, it means that you do not satisfy your husband sexually so that he will not tell you there. And this means that sooner or later, he will leave you. Only the later it happens, the harder it will be for you to meet a new love.
  • The third reason for whether to divorce immediately is the assault. If the husband hit you at least once, it means that he, like a man, is inferior. Strong, there is no need to assert itself at the expense of the weak. And be sure, once you have a weak, defective man, one day he can cripple you or even your children.

If there are no such extreme manifestations in your family life and never did, try to save your marriage. You can apply, for example, to a family psychologist, or try to diversify your family life yourself, the main thing is to not be afraid to experiment!


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