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Simple exercises with medbolom

A medical ball or, as it is most often called, medbol is a special sports device, which, thanks to its device and special surface, can be used instead of dumbbells or bodybuilders in sports training.

It is a ball that is stuffed with special fillers - more often sawdust or sand, and in more modern versions - gel. In fact, this is the same simulator, which is easy and affordable to use not only in terms of fitness clubs, but also at home or even in nature.

The main feature of a medical ball is that it does not bounce off the surface, but, on the contrary, absorbs shocks. Plus, it is made of a special, rather heavy and non-slip material that provides a variety of possible exercises with a medbola.

Usually such balls differ in color and weight: each color symbolizes its own weight category, which varies from 1 to 10 kilograms. In this case, they can be equipped with one or more handles, resembling a car steering wheel or a weight. Usually, in female sports sets, round 2-kilogram medbols are used.

In the process of good training, which includes even the simplest set of exercises with a medbol, you can effectively work out all the major muscle groups.

At the same time they are loaded in a very sparing mode, which means that exercises with a medical ball and for those who need to recover from serious injuries, illnesses or operations. The main purpose of such training is the development of strength and agility, speed and agility.

It is possible to deal with such balls even for elderly people who have problems with joints or weakened muscles of the body. Training, which involves the use of medical balls or, as they are called, functional, received their specific name - "functional training."

Workout Features

Now that you have found out what a medical ball is, it is not superfluous to become familiar with the principles of its use during training. The round shape of the projectile makes it possible to deeply work out the muscles of the stabilizers, which take an active part in all movements of our body, thereby ensuring a stable and full functioning of the ligament apparatus.

They can be used both for individual trainings and for trainings in pairs, at the same time, medbola are effective for strengthening the muscles of the back, arms and abdominals, which will allow you to get a more slender and fit figure.

The main advantage of using such a sports device is the development and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system as a whole, because the ball, due to its shape and weight, allows you to create a certain level of resistance in almost any position and range of motion.

Exercises usually begin with medbolov minimum weight and, equipped with one or more handles, over time, the technique complicate and improve, add weight and eliminate projectiles with handles.

Set of exercises

First you need to spend a light warm-up to warm up all muscle groups. For this purpose: walking on the spot for a minute, warming up the head with turns, turning the shoulders back and forth 10 times, bending 10 times and running on the spot for a minute. Each exercise is performed 10-12 times in 2-3 approaches.

  1. We take the ball in hand, squeeze the palms on both sides and raise it above the head with outstretched hands.From this position, keeping hands and back even, we begin to squat as "on a chair": the hips should make a parallel with the floor.
  2. We do the tilts: to do this from the previous position (arms extended with a medbola above the head, the back is even), legs shoulder-width apart, first bend down to the left foot, go back up and then go down to the right foot and return to the starting position again.
  3. We kneel down: the medallion is in the hands above the head, the back is even. Extend the right leg and set aside as a support. We begin to tilt the body towards the straightened leg, for 5 seconds we stay in this position and return to the original one. Then we change legs and perform inclinations with a delay in the other direction.
  4. Planck. To do this, we rest our hands on the medbol, and with our toes we will rest on the floor, while the body must be held in a parallel position to the floor, without falling down with the pelvis and without bending the back, the press is tense. Hold this position for 40 seconds.
  5. We carry out push-ups from the ball. For this we take a pose, as for the usual exercise, only with the hands rest on the medbol. To reduce the load knees can be lowered to the floor.
  6. We sit down on the floor, we take the ball in our hands and squeeze in front of us with our palms. The legs are bent at the knees and slightly apart, the body is lowered back: it is necessary to find a position in which the abdominal muscles will tighten. From this position, we perform twisting left and right, not forgetting to fix each new position of the body.

In order to avoid unforeseen situations during the training, when working with the ball, do not forget to take precautions (keep your back always straight, do not unbend the hands and knees to the maximum, while holding a heavy ball), and if there are contraindications to physical exertion, consult a doctor or fitness trainer.

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