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Sore tailbone, what to do?

Many are faced with the problem of pain in the lower part of the spine - the tailbone. If the tailbone hurts, how to treat it? Now we consider in detail the causes of pain in the tailbone and talk about how to deal with them.

Quite often, people suffer from pain, which can be both paroxysmal and permanent. The feeling of pain in the tailbone area is always strong and sharp. Often people complain that the tailbone is badly sore, this pain is especially felt when you touch it. Also, such pain can give a whining and thrill to the gluteal region or lower abdomen. Also characterized by increased pain while walking or sitting.

Most often, pain in the tailbone is observed in older women after fifty years. This process is due to the specifics of anatomy. The fact is that the pelvic bones in women age much earlier, because after 50 years, the sacrum of the pelvis of women becomes more curved, which leads to permanent injuries or pain.

Causes of coccyx disease

What if the tailbone hurts? You must first understand the causes of the disease. The fact is that in the place where the sacrum and tailbone are joined, salts are often formed and accumulate.Because of the immobility in this place there are inflammatory processes.

Causes of coccyx disease can be pathological. In childhood, each of us fell, skiing, sledding, cycling, and so on. As a result of some falls, the tailbone could suffer greatly, which in adulthood led to the development of diseases.

Also, the reasons may lie in difficult childbirth associated with a large fetus size. The tailbone can change, bend strongly, its ligaments can also be damaged, which will later lead to pain.

In addition, inflammations in the tailbone area can result from sedentary work, a passive lifestyle, constant stress and nervous tension.

Disease prevention

We found out why the tailbone hurts, what to do in such a situation?

First, let's talk a little about prevention of the tailbone diseases. Those who sit most of the time at a computer or TV should warm up periodically, about once an hour, for ten minutes. It is necessary to walk, to perform a series of exercises in the form of squats, swinging legs, as well as bending and turning the body in different directions.You also need to knead the knee joints, performing flexion of the legs.

Learn to sit properly In order to prevent diseases of the coccyx, you need to properly install the back of a chair or chair. The back of the chair should be located to him at an angle of 90 degrees. This is done so that the back of the chair supports the back without deforming the spine.

Those who work a lot in the garden or stand at the stove for a very long time should rest. To do this, lie down on the bed and lie down for half an hour. In this case, you need to raise the legs up and rest them on the wall.

Also, pain in the coccyx is affected by bowel disorders. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor its condition and eat right.

Folk remedies

If the tailbone hurts when sitting, you need to resort to folk remedies. The best anesthetic in this case is tincture of narrow-leaved lavender. You need to take a few lavender flowers and pour them with a small amount of sunflower oil, and then leave to stand in a dark room for a month and a half. After preparation, the tincture must be rubbed twice a day in the inflamed area.

If you suffer from pain in the coccyx when you get up, it is recommended to use potato sprouts. To prepare the tincture you need to take a glass of potato sprouts, approximately two centimeters long. After this, it is necessary to pour sprouts with 0.5 liters of medical alcohol and let it brew for ten days in a glass jar in a dark room. This tincture is recommended to rub into the inflamed places. It is worth remembering that this remedy should never be drunk. Also, this tool can be used to treat various inflammations and sciatica.

If, however, pain in the coccyx does not pass, the treatment does not lead to good results, it is recommended to seek help from a therapist.


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