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Style Gardens

Consider some popular options for style gardens.

Japanese garden - the choice of lovers of pacifying atmosphere. In the silence of such a garden, it will be wonderful to indulge in philosophical thoughts and contemplation of nature. As a rule, the compositional center here will be constructions made of sand and stones, placed in a certain way, as well as undulating paths. In the spirit of Japanese aesthetics, such a garden should clearly reflect the change of seasons and the beauty of each season. Therefore, plants are used here that obviously change their appearance depending on the season: plum, Japanese pine and of course, traditional bonsai.

The French garden is suitable for those who like the landscape in the spirit of classicism with its geometrically regular forms, straight lines and strict proportions. The appearance of such a garden has a shade of some solemnity. Its bright signs are: parterny lawn, straight paths, symmetry, alleys, seated with carefully cut plants of regular outlines, and ponds of geometric shapes. French gardens are often decorated with fountains, canals and sculptures.

The design of the English garden is characterized by simplicity and naturalness. Here, unlike the French garden style, it’s not nature that fits into a certain framework, but, on the contrary, the design elements adapt to the natural landscape. Lawns with a well-groomed lush lawn alternate with lonely standing mighty trees: oaks or beeches. English-style ponds usually have a natural shape. The hedge is another traditional detail of this direction. And of course, a must-have addition will be a cozy gazebo.

The garden in the modern style is a good platform to give free rein to fantasy and to implement the most unusual ideas. This style is characterized by smooth lines and a large variety of shapes and materials for decoration. Often in the design of such areas are used metal and plastic structures. The garden in the modern style is, as a rule, a space with objects of unusual outlines, symbolic sculptures and a minimum number of plants, whose placement has been carefully thought out.


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