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Suit Red Riding Hood with his hands for his daughter

The new year is getting closer and closer, it’s time to think about carnival clothes for your little princess. Probably you want to choose a suit of Little Red Riding Hood?

How to make a New Year's costume of Red Riding Hoodies with your own hands?

Carnival celebration with white flowers like snow, balloons, obligatory colorful ribbons and huge flakes of confetti. This description alone makes you touch the mystery of a masquerade and unbridled children's fun, the smell of a Christmas tree. We just have to make a New Year's costume of Red Riding Hood for this bubbling magic.

Pattern and fabric

The costume of the Little Red Riding Hood with her own hands for a girl of five to seven years old will bring incredible pleasure for your child, especially if she takes an active part in the choice of the pattern and fabric.

First you need to choose:

  • children's version of the pattern (let the girl herself show a picture that she likes);
  • the choice of fabric for a skirt and headdress;
  • selection of blouses.

Almost any pattern will suit the skirt, but it’s better to have a “sun” skirt. Girls love to spin, watching the flying hem. But you can pick up the pattern on the skirt of the wedges, a wide version fits perfectly into the image of the fairy-tale heroine.

Fabric for skirts and headgear is better to choose the same, bright, saturated color. Bright red or crimson. Let the child himself show what color attracts his attention.
Blouse can not sew, and pick up. It will be much faster, even if you are a sewing professional, the process will still take a long time. And you can pick up a white or cream blouse with short sleeves, for example, flashlights.

What is the carnival fabulous clothes?

The costume of a red cap with your own hands is done for a very short time, the job description takes much more time. We list the main details of clothing.

  • skirt;
  • blouse;
  • apron;
  • corset;
  • hat;
  • basket.

Step-by-step instruction

New Year's costume "Little Red Riding Hood" is created in separate stages.

  1. According to the selected pattern we sew a skirt.
  2. The top of the clothes will be complemented by an elegant blouse with sleeves "flashlights" or "wings". Blouse should be combined with the bottom of the suit.
  3. The apron is another part. Make it simple.It is required to cut the half-oval, Then you need to process the edges and sew satin red ribbons. If you add lace or flounces here, the apron will become even more elegant.
  4. A corset or waistcoat is also a necessary detail. Do not think much about its manufacture. Fit the pattern of a wide belt, inside which you can put the same thick cardboard for rigidity. The corset should be made of black satin for contrast with the rest of the details. Ribbons-stitches sew around the edges. Cut them out of the same black atlas. The vest is ready.
  5. The costume is unthinkable without a cap. First, make a bottom of thick paper. The size of the bottom should be consistent with the size of the head of your child. The fields can be wide, narrow, it all depends on your vision and desire. First, draw the parts on paper, then cut them out of the fabric. On the inside we glue the gasket for density. All parts should be assembled and sewn with a fitting seam. Making sure that the cap sits well, you can sew a strong seam. Now you need to add a contrasting ribbon or frill.
  6. You can weave the basket yourself. Now you can find an incredible number of lessons on weaving from a vine, straw or plain paper. In the wicker basket be sure to put the patties. You can bake them yourself.On top of all this should be covered with a festive napkin.

So we finished making the costume of the Red Riding Hood with our own hands.


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