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Tell me about infidelity or not?

N's eyes were as big as two seas. Waves of righteous anger raged in them. Just an hour ago, N caught the husband of his girlfriend with his mistress.

- I get out, it means, from the subway and I see how this one with ... Seryozh is embracing the girl. And so hugs her, which is immediately clear: it does not hurt her back. And so whispers in your ear that it is immediately clear: the budget plan is not discussed. What shall I do? - prayed N.

- What is there to ask? Of course, tell everything! - I exclaimed.

- What is there to ask? Of course, keep silent! - exclaimed my friend.

At that moment, my cozy world of universal justice gave a crack. After some time and a certain amount of wine, the cafe employees, screaming, came running to our table to ask if we needed anything - for example, to show where the exit was. Having learned the essence of the dispute, managers, waiters and visitors of the cafe took an active part in an improvised poll, and then my world finally collapsed.

It turned out that here, in real life, some people piously profess the principle “I see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing to anyone”

All the respondents were divided into a group of silent people and a party of "wrestlers".The first was mainly supported by married women over 30 and women with children, and the second was voted by men, free girls and young married women without children.

The debate flowed violently. The party of the silent artists moved into battle with the following arguments.

"They will make peace later, and you will remain guilty"

And if I keep silent, I will be all the more guilty, because knowing about a crime and being silent means being an accomplice to a crime.

Silence is complicity.

Put yourself in the wrong place. Would you be pleased to know after a month, six months or a year that your second half is wrong for you, and the best friend knows everything, but covers him and is silent in a rag?

Tell me about infidelity or not?

“And if they do not make peace, you will be all the more guilty because they separated”

Awesome logic. He is cheating on his husband, and he who is responsible for this matter is to blame.

No, my dear. The offender is always to blame for the crime, not the society, the Internet and global warming.

"And in general, do not get into someone else's relationship: she will understand"

You can deal with the problem of which you know. A problem you don't know about cannot be sorted out.

"And if you do not understand, then well: no need to destroy the family"

A family is a union of two people who respect each other at least. If a partner lives a double life, then there is no question of any family: there is nothing to destroy.

Respect and lies are mutually exclusive concepts.

Tell me about infidelity or not?

"And the child will be left without a father"

And a child, of course, from childhood must be told that omissions, nervousness and the general tone of mistrust prevailing in the family are the norm. Let mom and dad swear every night, but they live together. This is a normal family, right?

"How old is she? Yyy, for thirty! Where else would she find a man? ”

My dears, are you serious?

Show me someone who puts on people shelf life, like sausage.

And show me the one who said that a woman must be married, even if the partner does not respect her, does not appreciate, does not love.

“If it hurts so much, talk to your husband first”

With tears of tenderness in my eyes, I imagine this conversation.

- Ay-yay-yay, Vasya, how are you behaving badly! Come on, throw your mistress, put her where you took her! And then I'll tell your wife everything, she will swear at you.

Vasya cries, says that the devil beggar, and swears more so never to do.

Tell me about infidelity or not?

“Do not change,” I think.

“Do not burn”, Vasya means.

This story ended for N safely. She still decided to talk frankly with her friend. And you know, their friendship somehow stood up under the onslaught of truth. Even, perhaps, strengthened.


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