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Degtyarnoe handmade soap

Every second knows about the benefits of the soap "Tar". But many people bypass it, defiantly wrinkling the nose from a sharp and somewhat unpleasant smell. Perhaps, store soap with tar is not as useful as we would like, because the ideal option is to cook it at home, choosing the ingredients yourself.
 Handmade Soap Tar You will also need:
  • Stainless steel or refractory glass pan for 2-3 liters.
  • Capacity for 500- alkaline solution 600 ml.
  • 2 spoons.
  • 1 immersion blender.
  • Form for soap (square box, coated with parchment paper 20x20cm ).
  • Thermometer up to 100 degrees.
  • Scales.
  • Latex gloves for protecting hands.
  • Next you need in any way kulyatore alkali calculate the required amount of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda lye) and water. Be sure to carefully check all calculations, checking not only the weight of each oil separately, but also the total final. You can take a different amount of the original oils, add existing ones or delete the missing ones. The recipe does not indicate the amount of alkali, because you need to calculate every gram and there should not be errors. It is important to correctly enter data into the calculator of alkali and carefully weigh the ingredients. Pharmacy scales will be very helpful in determining the weight. Also, we bring in the calculator the amount of water 33% of the weight of the oils and “heat up the bath” 7-10% - these are oils that will not be washed and remain intact. A smaller percentage for oily skin and a larger percentage for dry.Further, when all the ingredients are weighed and the calculations are made, we put pure suspended water in the freezer in a container of refractory glass or stainless steel. Let it cool well and slightly freeze.
     Handmade soap Tar
    At this time, we put all the oils, including heat up, in a water bath, stir until all the solid lumps are completely dissolved. The temperature should be within 45 °. You can warm the oil in the microwave or the oven off.

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