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Technique capitone: the highlight of your interior

  • Anonymous

    If truth be told, then this is a chest.

  • Svetlana

    Beautiful, of course, but from these grooves tortured to extract dust.

  • Tatyana

    It was just such a chest that my grandmother (1883) called the ataman. And only now I learned how the spelling of this word.

  • Sergei

    Gorgeous ?! - Amateurish and pathetic!

  • Diana

    Great! Do not pay attention to the evil comments. Firstly, this is quite a difficult job, because I tried. Yes, you must be a mathematician. And that means you have enough mathematical knowledge. Well, just nice when hands grow out of that place. Successes!

  • Anonymous


  • Elizabeth

    Ottoman - a soft sofa with pillows, replacing the back, and two rollers (Dictionary of foreign words, 1984, Moscow). Here is the chest.

  • Oops!

    Why argue? how many people, so many opinions. Everyone has different tastes.

  • Anonymous

    Well done! Great!

  • Tamara

    The work is done big. Only here it seems that the cover is not from the chest. The white color is not practical, but if you are, esoy is so luim, then the chest needed to be painted.

  • Anonymous

    Here, the capitone technique was explained, and everything is clear and beautiful, I read and looked through with interest, everything is accessible and understandable, thanks! And the dust is funny :)!

  • Anonymous

    Very very…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Take pictures)))
    Take pictures

  • Anonymous

    do something like this first, and then ... ....


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