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Tell me, how much is the cheapest touch screen phone? *)

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Answered 15 December 2014 17:27
Now there are a lot of mobile phone models, you can choose for every taste, color, as well as financial possibilities. The cheapest touch phone can be bought on average for 2000 rubles. Here you can look at this link and choose a model for yourself :) For my part, I would recommend Nokia and Samsung brand phones. They have good cheap models, well, at least they are responsible for quality. These are very well-known brands that have long been in the market. When buying, their phones will be exactly sure that he will work for several years. :)
doubtful nature
doubtful nature
Answered on December 17, 2014 13:49
Tell me how to understand what kind of iPhone is in front of me, what are the distinctive signs, can size, thickness, design or even chenit.for example, he lies in front of me, and I, as a sucker, do not know what kind of iPhone it is. Fortunately, at least I know that this is your iPhone and not some kind of brick.

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