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Tell me where to buy scoring matrices?

We print leaflets, business cards and all sorts of things. Previously, we worked with a company that was selling consumables for flat and rotary logging, but not so long ago they were closed. Now we are looking for new suppliers, bigoval matrices are especially interested. Tell me there are such to Moscow?
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Answered on May 20 11:06
Now many are selling printing equipment, look on the Internet. Although not so easy to find a good supplier. I myself once searched for a long time for bandages, dressing tapes, I barely found it.
Answered on May 20 11:29
Previously engaged in the production of cardboard packaging boxes. Also, scoring matrices and tapes were constantly needed. Then they began to produce gift paper bags with a pattern. It was much more profitable, but also very expensive. Suppliers of printing equipment also changed frequently, we compared prices and bought where it was cheaper. In Moscow, the choice of companies where you can buy scoring matrices is, for example, here.
Answered 20 may 11:34
We have a small shop for printing exclusive cards. So, Tomas, thank you for the link, I'll take a look. There are many things that facilitate the work, which I had never even guessed.

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