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Tell me how to swaddle the baby?

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Answered on December 14, 2014 11:04
On how to properly swaddle a child, should be told and shown in detail by the medical staff at the hospital. But if for some reason you have not learned this, it will not be difficult to learn the wisdom of swaddling at home. You can swaddle on a special table, on a bed, table and any flat surface. The diaper should be clean and ironed on both sides. 1. Spread the diaper on the table. Place the child in the center so that the head extends beyond the diaper. 2. Press the left hand of the baby to the calf. Screw the right edge of the diaper diagonally and put it under the backrest. Do the same with the right handle, wrap the left edge of the diagonal, taking a diaper under the backrest. 3. Fold the bottom edge of the diaper up, straighten it, wrap it under the child and fix the ends in the resulting pocket. You can swaddle tight and loose. It all depends on the temperament of the child. If the baby is active, when swaddling freely, he quickly unwinds himself, so it is better to wrap him up tight. For starters, it is better to practice on a doll.After several attempts you will master the process. If neatly swaddled crumbs can not, use the vests and sliders. Medicine has long proven that the difference between “swaddle” or “not swaddle” does not exist. It all depends on the preferences of the parents.

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