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Ten tallest buildings in the world

Throughout his history, man sought to conquer the heavens, reach out to the sun and the stars, thereby establishing himself in his own power, well-being, and strength, competing with the gods and the Universe. It is believed that the very first skyscrapers, which still continue to amaze with their mystery, were the pyramids in Egypt.

The ancient Romans also sometimes tried to build tall buildings of 5-6 floors, although they were too unstable and quickly collapsed or burned.

High cathedrals and towers were actively erected during the Middle Ages, while residential buildings remained low for a long time, which is not surprising, because until the XIX century, people could not lift water higher than 15 meters upwards, and it wasn’t much to run up the stairs liked that.

But, since the first elevators were invented, the rapid development of construction began: residential buildings began to creep up more and more. The first "skyscraper" was a 10-storey building, today the highest of them boasts 163 floors and a height of 828 meters.

And, which is noteworthy, this is not the limit! In the project, the construction of such a super-skyscraper, whose height will exceed 1000 meters. Kingdom Tower, namely the name of the project, promises to appear over the Arabian expanses by the year 2019.

Well, and we can only wait for the next miracle-creation of mankind, and so that the wait is not boring, let us remember the top 10 of the tallest and unique buildings in the world at the moment.

10. Kingkey 100. A multifunctional building built in the Chinese city of Shenzhen in the style of modernism, with a height of 441.8 meters occupies the extreme position of our rating. 68 floors are occupied by office space, another 22-nd sprawls luxury hotel, and on the remaining 10 you can find a huge shopping center, restaurants and a “sky garden” with a height of 38 meters.

9. Willis Tower. Noteworthy is the fact that this particular Chicago skyscraper, which until 2009 was called the Sears Tower, carried the palm among other tall buildings for 23 years (until 1996). Its height is 442 meters, and the last residential floor is located at a height of 436 meters above ground level. This Chicago giant has long been a leader in the number of elevators - there are as many as 106 of them.

8. Zifeng High-Rise Building. Another super-high building was also erected in China in the business center of Nanjing.Its construction was completed not long ago, in 2009, and the height reaches 450 meters. Like many others, it is a multifunctional structure, it has office premises, shops, several shopping centers and restaurants, besides there is a public observatory here.

7. Petronas Towers. In 1998, the whole world was surprised by another unique creation of humanity, which is located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The height of each of the two Petronas towers is 452 meters; they are connected to each other at a height of 41 floors by a 58-meter transition.

The construction of the towers lasted 6 years and, according to official data, cost the main customer a round sum of about 800 million dollars. Especially for this skyscraper was developed and produced a special type of concrete: durable and elastic at the same time, which was produced directly in Malaysia.

6. International Commercial Center. And again, Hong Kong, only now the height of the giant is 484 meters. This skyscraper is considered to be the highest in the city, it has 118 floors. The entire upper part of the tower (from the 102nd floor) is occupied by a fashionable five-star hotel, which in 2011 received the title of the highest hotel in the world (located at an altitude of 425 meters).

5. Taipei 101. As you might guess from the name, the number of floors in the building is 101, and the height of the whole building is 509 meters. Located in the capital of the Republic of China, from 2003 to 2007, he held the title of the main high-rise of the entire Asian continent.

It is here that the elevators are installed, which are considered the fastest in the world, lifting their passengers up at a speed of 60.6 km / h. A huge pendulum ball, installed between the 87th and 91st floors, helps to balance the building and reduce the risk of collapse during an earthquake or hurricane. Many tourists are going to look at this Asian wonder and a symbol of modern Taipei, on the 89th floor there is a viewing platform.

4. Freedom Tower. Today it has the title of the tallest building in the entire Western Hemisphere, the construction of which was completed in 2013 with full glazing of the structure and the installation of a 124-meter metal spire. The total height of the super-skyscraper is 541 meters. By the way, the tower is located on the site of the destroyed complex in 2001, which includes the twin towers known to the world.

3. Abraj al-Beit. The top three are uncovered by the heaviest mass in the world, erected in Saudi Arabia, in Mecca.Here, this is the most famous building due to its location: a skyscraper was erected right in front of the al-Haram mosque, to the walls of which they come to bow before the main shrine of all Islam.

The tallest tower of the building is a hotel that is designed to receive all multimillion pilgrims visiting Mecca every year. Height - 601 meters.

2. Shanghai Tower. More recently, literally in 2015, I seized many palm trees, becoming the main giant in Shanghai, the first in all of China, and the second in the world! Its height together with the spire is 632 meters, and the total area is about 380 thousand m2.

1. Burj Khalifa. And, finally, the top of the rating, and, along with it, the first tallest structure in the whole world, was erected in 2010 in Dubai. To date, his photos are the most famous in the world, travelers from all over the world are going to see this 828 meters hulk, a real city in a city that is equipped with its own lawns, streets, shops, parks and even boulevards.

Until the last moment, the height of the future supergiant was kept secret, this was done in case no one knew how to outrun Dubai developers.The tallest restaurant in the world is located on the 122nd floor; besides, there is space for 900 apartments, there are shopping centers, offices, gyms, viewing platforms and much more. Above the design of such a wonder of the world, the famous designer D. Armani was created.

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