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The basic rules of the lemon diet

Lose weight can be with the help of fruit, many people know about it. But there is a lemon diet, which will reduce weight in a short time. Find out its features, compliance options and rules.

What is the point?

The beneficial properties of lemon are known for a very long time, and even this fruit contains negligible kilocalories, so it is not surprising that it became the basis of several diets, and very popular ones. Of course, there is only one yellow sour citruses, but they should be included in the diet daily.

Features diet

Consider all the advantages that the lemon diet has:

  • Lemon is an affordable fruit that can be bought at almost any store. And he sells year-round.
  • Lemons are inexpensive, so many diet options are affordable.
  • Such a citrus is useful for immunity, as it contains vitamin C, which strengthens the body's defenses. And also ascorbic acid helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
  • Citric acid accelerates the processing of food, improves digestion, promotes the burning of fatty deposits.
  • In the pulp and zest there is pectin, which helps our body to remove toxins and toxins, and also gently relieves constipation and stimulates the motility of the intestinal walls.
  • Lemons help speed up the metabolism, which is useful not only for losing weight, but also for the whole organism.


General principles

Choosing any variant of a lemon diet, it is necessary to adhere to the general principles:

  1. Exclude from the diet, flour, sweet, fatty, spicy, salty. Forget about fast food, half-finished products.
  2. The menu should contain healthy and low-calorie foods, for example, low-fat fish and meat, berries, vegetables and fruits, dairy and dairy products of reduced fat content.
  3. Drink a day at least one and a half or two liters of water. Fluid is necessary for a good metabolism.
  4. If after eating lemons your state of health worsens, there may be unidentified diseases in which citruses are contraindicated. Discard the diet in this case.
  5. Do not follow the diet in any variation for longer than two weeks.
  6. Choose the ripest and freshest lemons with not very thick skinned. On the surface should not be dents, dark spots and damage.

Who should not go on a lemon diet?

Contraindications to the lemon diet include gastritis and ulcers, increased acidity of gastric juice, cholecystitis, enterocolitis and colitis, nephritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, hepatitis, thinning of tooth enamel, periods of breastfeeding and pregnancy, age 65 years and under 16.

Answering the question about what the diet is dangerous, it is worth mentioning the irritating effects of citric acid on the mucous membranes. Therefore, using lemon juice on an empty stomach, you can damage the walls of the esophagus and stomach, provoking gastritis with heartburn, pains and other dyspeptic disorders. In addition, hard diets are harmful to people with chronic diseases, beriberi, as well as for those who have recently suffered trauma or serious illness.


There are several options for compliance with the lemon diet, designed for weight loss. Below are considered effective and popular.

Option One

This option is suitable for quick weight loss, if you need to some event to get rid of 1-2 extra pounds. Arrange a day off on lemon water: mix in equal proportions with pure still water and freshly squeezed lemon juice.The daily volume is two liters, and it should be divided into five or six doses. If the drink seems too sour, you can add a little honey.

Option Two

This is also an express version, designed for two days. At breakfast, you should drink two glasses of low-fat kefir and eat half a lemon. Lunch and dinner will be the same. Citrus can both be consumed separately, and added to the sour milk beverage, pre-grinding.

Option Three

If you like fruits and dairy products, this option will suit you. It is desirable to observe it for no more than three days, but you can arrange one fasting day.

The first day menu will be:

  • Two apples and half a lemon for breakfast.
  • Half a lemon and a full glass of kefir or sour milk (natural yogurt without additives) for lunch.
  • For dinner it is allowed to eat one medium sized banana.

Second day:

The third day:

  • Breakfast consists of baked with cinnamon and lemon apple.
  • Lunch is the same as breakfast.
  • For dinner, drink a glass of lemon-apple fresh juice.

Fourth option

This diet is designed for two weeks, and the maximum result - minus 7-8 kilograms.

Menu by day:

  1. Lemonade (a glass of lemon juice and water) and any vegetable salads.
  2. Lemonade from two glasses of water and the same amount of lemon juice, fruits and salads from them (you can fill with yogurt).
  3. Lemonade (three glasses of water and juice), vegetables: fresh or steam.
  4. Mix 4 glasses of water and juice, eat vegetable salads, one egg.
  5. Mix five glasses of juice and water, eat a portion of boiled chicken breast (preferably for lunch) and fruit.
  6. 6 glasses of lemon juice and the same amount of water, a portion of boiled buckwheat for lunch, vegetables during the day.
  7. Three glasses of water and juice and a teaspoon of honey. Eat fruit.
  8. 6 glasses of lemon juice and the same amount of water. It is allowed to eat vegetable salads with a small amount of olive oil. Lunch - a small portion of boiled fish.
  9. On 5 glasses of juice and water, during the day vegetables, for lunch oatmeal on water.
  10. Four glasses of lemon juice and water, fruit.
  11. Three glasses of water and juice, vegetables and fruits.
  12. Menu of the 2nd day.
  13. Menu of the 1st day.
  14. Lemonade from 3 glasses of water and 3 glasses of lemon juice with a teaspoon of honey. Vegetables during the day, lunch - boiled breast.

Important! lemonade should be drunk on an empty stomach sutra and an hour before each meal.

Try the lemon diet on yourself, but be careful! Losing weight should be safe.

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