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The cat does not eat. What to do?

If your cat does not have anything - this is an occasion to think. Because it is an abnormal phenomenon. Because at any age the animal must feel the need for food. Many cat owners are faced with the problem of poor appetite with their pet. If suddenly the cat does not eat, what should its owner do? The first step is to determine the cause of this behavior. There can be many reasons, both from the most innocent and completely serious. Here are some reasons that are easily fixed:

  • The owner added a new ingredient to the food or even gave a new food. Some cats get used to innovations for a very long time. They do not like change. To accustom the pet to the new taste sensations should be gradually. It must be remembered that the taste preferences are formed among the representatives of the cat family up to six months of age. A new cat dish can either just sniff, or eat a small piece. In this case, do not worry.
  • You may have changed the feeding bowl or moved it to a new location. In this case, the cat may be nervous and also refuse to eat. The solution to the problem is simple: return everything to its place.
  • Some owners have spoiled their pets so much that they can stop eating regular food and require delicacies. Cats, having an excellent sense of smell, will always notice if the owner decided to dilute the usual delicacy with other products.
  • A stale, spoiled food. An animal should always be given fresh food.

If the reasons listed above do not fit your case, and the cat does not eat well, and you don’t know what to do, then you should consult your veterinarian for advice. Perhaps refusal to eat has more serious reasons. After passing tests and a professional examination, a pet may develop gastritis or other disorders of the digestive system.

What if the cat does not eat

Consider the diseases of cats, which lead to the fact that the animal does not eat anything:

  • stomach irritation;
  • feline anorexia;
  • diabetes;
  • cancer;
  • chronic constipation;
  • kidney disease;
  • dehydration.

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First aid

  1. First of all, you need to find out why the cat does not want to eat. She might just not like the food or, at worst, she got sick.
  2. Urgently contact your veterinarian for appropriate research and analysis. The veterinarian will identify the causes of the disease and prescribe adequate treatment for the cat. Now, thanks to modern technology, this problem can be solved.
  3. It is not necessary to engage in self-treatment of a pet, without knowing the true reason for refusing food.
  4. Try to replace the feed.
  5. Give heated food from your hand. It is important that the cat reacts to the smell of food.
  6. If your cat has stopped eating, what to do will prompt close monitoring of her behavior. On different days, cats consume an unequal amount of food (this is due to sexual instinct, for example). If your pet is not constantly under your supervision (you live in a country house or in a communal apartment, the cat goes outside), then he may have found food elsewhere. He can catch mice, find food on the street or his neighbors feed him.
  7. Sometimes your pet can only smell a bowl of food and move away - this can be a sign of overeating. Therefore, do not insist. But if this situation continues for a long time, then contact a specialist.A timely examination will reveal tumors, impaired kidney function, and other serious diseases that also affect the appetite of the animal. Timely diagnosis will help implement the correct treatment and will prolong the life of your furry friend.

Show patience, care and attention to your pet. And all you will be fine.


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