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The fence in the country

Parents in the country in the Leningrad region aged fence. It was wooden and already squinted. What material can be made new so that it is durable and inexpensive? Stone is beautiful, but will not pull.
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Answered on February 21 13:03
Looking for what purpose you need a fence. If for beauty and so that cats and dogs do not run in, the forged fence will do, it looks very beautiful. If you need to hide from passing people or neighbors - you need a solid fence, for example, aluminum.
Answered on February 21 13:06
The cheapest option is to stretch the netting net, but it does not look aesthetically pleasing. Although it is possible to start growing wild grapes around the fence, it will decorate the net, but it takes about 5 years for it to cover everything. From the middle price segment - a brick, but this fence is very long to do, if with your own hands.
Answered on February 21 13:11
If you want to make the fence yourself - look at the professional sheet. This material is inexpensive, not heavy, rather durable. And it looks quite decent. It is possible to buy a fence from a professional flooring, for example, here:. I like brown most of all - it looks natural and organic in nature.

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