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The girl makes a stunning decor for the bathroom

Kristen Kobzeff has an original approach to home decor. As you can see from the videos that she places on her blog, she prefers to use primarily natural materials in the interior. One of her favorite ideas is the creation of a panel of white colored stones that will look great in almost any room. In addition, there are many other ideas for decorating rooms on Christina's blog.

Kristen chose the stones that are easy to find in her area to create her composition. You can use any that you can find around your home or at a local hardware store. For the base need a sheet of plywood. Fix the stones to help glue for mirrors or granite. For finishing fit fugue for ceramic tiles. From plywood should cut a rectangle of the desired size. If you have the necessary tool - you can cut out any other shape. After the stones are stuck. You can choose a pattern at its discretion.For example, Christina wanted her panel to look natural, so the stones protruded beyond the edge of the base.

When the glue is completely dry, you need to fill the gaps between the stones with a colored fugue. This will make the structure more durable. In the building stores you can find fugu almost any color, so it will be easy to choose the one that will be combined with the natural color of the stone.

After all the gaps between the stones are filled, the remains of the fugue must be wiped off with a wet cloth. After drying, the mosaic is ready. If desired, you can add rhinestones or beads for decoration. Kristen uses this technique to decorate the toilet cover, but such a panel will look good in any other place.

If desired, using this technology, you can decorate any surface. If the stones are not very large, then you can glue them with voluminous things.


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