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The man made an impressive structure for the plot of gravel, stones and films.

The stone path is a rather popular and practical decoration of the garden, however, it usually takes a lot of effort to make it yourself. We suggest you go on the path of least resistance and peep the curious idea, skillfully embodied by one master. He used very few materials and did not resort to concrete. The design is already kept quite tightly. And it looks just awesome!

You will need:

  • geotextile fabric;
  • boards;
  • sand;
  • broken stones;
  • gravel or granite;
  • rake, shovel, hose.

The work is based on the following simple steps:

1. The boards of the future path are formed from the boards, which will protect it from weeds and ticks (by the way, do not forget to cleanse the soil of weeds in advance). Secure the edges of the geotextile fabric and lay it inside the structure.

2. Sprinkle on top of the sand, level with a rake.

3. Dampen it with water from a hose.

4. Compact sand with a spade or other handy tool.

5. Put the broken stone on top, pressing it slightly into the sand.

6. Put gravel or granite chips around the edges. The work is over!


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