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The real heroes of Russia.

I watched here: many people wonder: “Who are you in the Civil War of 1917-1922?” I, personally, - for the whites. These are the heroes of the Russian empire. honest, noble rear admiral A.V. Kolchak, and his friend, the fearless, valiant General VO Kappel. So, for example, Kappel - was walking in some boots, in the winter, it was cold, and everyone else was traveling by train. And now, on the banks of the River Kan, he falls and freezes his leg ... And here, Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak heroically accepted death. Here is his poem, written by him before the shooting in Irkutsk: Tell me where you were, When other horses raised dust When curved saber heads hacked And on the blood through the trees grow a feather grass? Where were you when on Kulikovo Field For Russia, the monk fought - Peresvet, Where every third fell in a severe battle ... Where were you, tell me where is your mark? Or on the Borodino field, Where death for honor was for us Slavs Where the Russian spirit broke the will of others - You are not in the past, do not slander us. Alien, restless tribe, So brazenly climbing to us in the teacher Kichas rotten antiquity, Your way to coin stela, What have you brought to the Russian people? To decide how we live today? You parasitic, Now you want to be our law! We are for you - rootless cattle, Contemptible like flies on glass You Russian past disgusting But remember, on whose land do you live? Well, revel in the power of the Talmud dust, Having taken our temples and places for a time, But remember! We have not forgotten Shameful Treachery Christ ... They all fought for their homeland. Even the Tsar was killed, but they all do not betray and do not betray! Watch the wonderful film "Admiral". I want to conclude for all my studies of the War of 1917: I think white is better, more noble, they believe in God. And for the Reds, Tukhachevsky and Stalin are sadists. Judge for yourself, please lay out your opinion in the comments.

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