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The son gave the mother a house. When she crossed the threshold of a new house, I was pleasantly surprised

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for my mother. This is not a house but a greenhouse. There only cucumbers with tomatoes to grow. It's scary to imagine how an elderly mother pushes this monster house in the morning. Son moron.

  • Galina

    Yeah, the barn somehow. Poor mother ...

  • Anonymous

    You do not understand anything. Cool house. I would turn it into a house - a winter garden. And she pushed or moved, only when she wanted to change something

  • Anonymous

    class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    some kind of nonsense greenhouse

  • Sergei

    And where is the house? A bunch of roof layout options. (((

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    There is a frame. Not home.

  • http: // no% 20siteAgnes

    The house is super and the main act of the son is not every mom will wait for such a

  • Anonymous

    Son in childhood did not play enough cubes and revenged his mother

  • Anonymous

    I like this. Daylight. Day sun, night stars.Is it bad? But even if this is not to their liking, why condemn?

  • Olga

    My previous comment. Someone may be strange, but the mother knows her son, she is probably not surprised. And then, and how many sons gave mothers such romantic houses? Good guy.

  • Minnura

    Well done! Son!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Cool house to not

  • Anonymous

    Where is the bed. Kitchen. In the Urals at 40 degrees you can dry up. Sorry mom.

    It's a pity

  • Anonymous

    If this is a summer house, then nothing, in the winter in this house you will turn into an icicle

  • Anonymous

    super !!!! If you want to get some air, you don’t have to go out but just push the COOL DAY !!!!!

  • lilia

    Well done guy, mother is glad to anyone.


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