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The weather in Anapa in August 2016 is predicted by the hydrometeorological center. What is the usual August weather for Anapa?


A preliminary forecast by weather forecasters informs tourists that the weather in Anapa in August 2016 does not yield to the climatic conditions of Sochi. At the beginning of the month, the real heat will break out and at noon the thermometer will reach + 32 ... 35 ° C. At night the heat will drop a little, but only up to + 23 ... 24 ° C. At the end of the month, vacationers will be “scared” by heavy rains with thunderstorms, but their domination will not last long and after the 25th day a full summer will reign in the city again. The water temperature will rise to + 24 ... 25 ° C, and in shallow water will be + 26.4 ° C. If we compare these figures with reviews of holidaymakers over the past year, we can say that August will be held as usual and will allow guests to fully enjoy all the pleasures of resort life.

What is the usual weather in Anapa in August - reviews of tourists and local residents

Hot, clear and not too wet - this is how usually the weather in Anapa costs in August, according to reviews of tourists and observations of local residents. It rains extremely rarely, ends quickly and does not cause any inconvenience. Water pleases with warmth and the almost complete absence of waves. Infrequent storms only slightly reduce its temperature and do not interfere with swimming. By night, the heat subsides and the soft, pleasant temperature in the region of + 22 ... 24 ° C disposes to comfortable walks in the city and along the coast.


Weather in Anapa in August - the temperature of the water off the coast of the resort


In August, the peak season is in Anapa. On a forty-kilometer beach strip, a huge number of people sunbathe and bathe. Mummies with babies prefer shallow sandy beaches, where the water warms up to + 25 ° C in the morning. Young people choose more distant places with good depth, allowing not only to comfortably splash in the gentle waves, but also to dive with a mask. At times, light northeast islands fly along the coast and drive the upper layers of warm water, however, their “visits” usually do not last long and do not affect the quality of rest.


The hot sun, characteristic of the weather in Anapa in August, has warmed the sea very intensively since the first days of the month. The temperature of the water at the coast of the resort rises to +23 ° C, and in a particularly sultry midday it reaches a record + 26.4 ° C. Doctors strongly recommend not to be at this time on the street to avoid sunburn and overheating. Especially relevant this advice is considered for cores, hypertensives, asthmatics, pregnant women and preschool children. All these people are better off performing beach procedures in the morning or after dinner, when solar activity subsides a bit and the air gets a little cooler.

Weather in Anapa in August 2016 - preliminary forecast of the hydrometeorological center


As evidenced by the preliminary forecast of the hydrometeorological center, the weather in Anapa in August 2016 will be almost as dry and clear as in Sochi, only a bit hotter. At the beginning of the month, the thermometer's column will surely cross the mark at + 30 ° C and will be frozen in the vicinity of + 32 ... 33 ° C. At noon, the sun will demonstrate its full intensity and heat the air to + 35 ... 36 ° C. Night time will not bring the desired coolness. At night, the air will cool down only to + 23 ... 24 ° C,so that sweaters and windbreakers this season, vacationers will not need.

August 11, the heat will weaken a bit, but it will last only a couple of days. From the 13th the heat will return and will last another week. August 23-24 the resort will cover abundant rains with thunderstorms. The mini-cyclone will beat the dust and cool the atmosphere to + 28 ° C, but from the 25th day the temperature will rise again and reach + 30 ° C in the last summer days.

The water temperature during the whole month will hold at + 23 ... 25 ° C. Storms will not disturb the sea surface, therefore, adults and children will be able to swim absolutely fearlessly at any time. The humidity level will drop to 69% and will not cause problems even to those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension or asthma.

Despite the fact that according to reviews of tourists, August is the quietest and most peaceful month of the year, weather forecasters suggest some activation of the south-western and southern wind. Most likely this moment will fall on the last decade of the month, when the gusts will reach 4.4 m / s. However, it's nice to spend time on the beach or walking around the city.


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