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Tip 2: How to install the gland in 2018

To start pick up tires. You can use ordinary rubber gaskets for a water tap, which are easy to bend and are fairly durable, but keep in mind they must be made of oil-resistant rubber. Otherwise, the life of your omentum will end too quickly.
Take the drill, clamp the rod on which the gasket is placed. Turn on the tool and use a sharp knife to work on the eraser so that it looks like the standard one. Make the bottom of about the thickness of a plastic washer, under the piston thickness can be added a little.
Sand the edges of the piston with zero so that they become sufficiently smooth and smooth. This will ensure its good performance in the future. At the top of the wall of the piston from the inside drain to an acute angle. Outside, the piston should expand upwards in approximately the same way as the standard one.
Make sure thatSo that the gland is tightly clamped with a plastic cap with a spring to prevent possible leaks. The hole in the middle should fit the aluminum piston tightly.
If the piston stroke is tight, then try to disassemble the structure and pump it with lubricant, the piston should start to walk without effort. If you have not found any leaks, and the piston stroke is not too tight for you, you can leave everything as it is. However, be extremely careful: too heavy a piston stroke can damage it, which will entail the purchase of a new one.
If you notice a leak, then most likely you will have to work with the piston. The case may be damage to the piston during assembly, for example, it may have holes or curvatures. Such a piston is not suitable for further use.
If the handle moves easily enough, there is no leakage, then you can be congratulated with a good result. You did everything right.

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