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Tips for choosing a good seamer

Homemade pickles and other preparations from berries, fruits and vegetables - require time, energy and energy from the landlady, that's why it's not surprising that she really wants to save the fruits of her labors and save the banks from possible "explosions" and souring of the contents.

The success of the whole business will depend not only on the recipe of preparation, the quality of the products, but also on the choice of lids and a seamer - the mechanism necessary for preservation. A quality machine will help to close all your finished seals absolutely tightly, which will protect the contents of the cans from ingestion and microorganisms that can ruin the product irretrievably.

How to choose a seamer? On sale, you can find several types of such a device and, I must say, that even the simplest of them can provide a sufficient level of reliability: if you use the machine correctly, the content will remain intact and intact.

However, each of them has its own number of advantages and disadvantages, in many respects, it is the ease of use that determines the choice of a particular model.So, what kind of canning machines can be found in stores?

  • Hand-held machines: with a sunset key or with a key-snail.
  • Semi-automatic systems.
  • Automatic systems.

Let's talk about each view separately.

Manual cars. With sealer key

These are exactly the devices that our grandmothers, mothers actively used, and, perhaps, even now in your house there is a manual canning machine. The mechanism of action is very simple: the machine is put on the lid, which is pressed tightly with hands to the neck of the can, and then, in order to hermetically close the latter, you need to rotate the handle of the machine around the neck.

Be prepared for the fact that here you will need a lot of effort - the handle rotates pretty hard, and the bank tries to slip out of hand. Due to the fact that the can is constantly vibrating, the screw mechanism is not always able to provide complete tightness, which, as a result, can lead to explosions. However, with a sufficient level of skill and strength - even such a simple option is able to properly cope with its task.

Manual cars. Snail key

A more modern kind of manual machines, which differs from the first one in that the lid no longer has to be held with great effort by hands, this task is handled by a special mechanism in the form of a spiral, along which the sealing key moves.

From the point of view of ease of use, as well as the quality of ready-made canned food - the key snail, of course, is preferable, because there are much more chances that the bank will be closed tightly. The only negative is a longer rolling process, because first you have to turn the handle so that it “closes” the roll, and then turn it in the opposite direction, so that the “snail” slides off it.

Semi-automatic systems

One of the most popular mechanisms used by many modern housewives, which is not surprising - such machines are easy to use, provide a good level of reliability and tightness, and can also be adjusted under the neck of the desired diameter. True, there is a downside: if the efforts are not calculated, the bank may burst, which, of course, is very unpleasant.

To close the seaming using such a mechanism, you need to press the machine to the lid,and that to the mouth of the can, turn the key several times (from 6 to 10) and, after a characteristic click is heard, the key will go back itself.

Automatic system

If the owner will spend a few minutes on conservation with a manual machine for each bank, the automatic type machine will cope with this task in 30 seconds. Instead of a roller, levers and a spring are built into its design, which do all the work of the hostess for her: the device can only be installed on the lid and lowered the lever.

Even children will be able to roll such a machine, it is safe and convenient, it is no longer necessary to spend tremendous efforts to press the lid to the neck. In addition, in advanced versions, there is even a special mechanism that protects the lids from dents, and the jar - from chips.

Among the above-described main types, there is another subspecies - the zakatochno-raskatochny machines, that is, the combined devices that “can” not only roll up conservation, but also open banks and even return the original shape to used covers.

Outwardly, they are virtually indistinguishable from standard seaming mechanisms, the only thing is that they are additionally attached with special keys for opening the covers.Of course, the reuse of the latter is absolutely not the best option, at least based on the principles of hygiene, however, the situations are different.

How to check that the bank is sealed?

To make sure that the whole process was successful, and the machine copes with its task, you need to carefully inspect the finished jar: the lid should not have any scratches, dents on the rim and on top. After that, firmly holding the jar, try to remove the cover from the spot: even with your maximum effort, it should be firmly held on the neck.

And the last thing - turn the roll upside down. If you see that air bubbles begin to rise in the liquid, or, even worse, the lid is leaking, it means your canned food is not properly closed and the seaming procedure has to be repeated again.

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