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Tips for Cooking Unusual Vertu

Few people remain indifferent when delicious tea and homemade pastries appear on the table. Made by own hands, with love and from natural products, it instantly “scatters”. Today we offer you to prepare a dish of Moldovan cuisine - a vertu. This is a great alternative to the usual cakes.

According to Moldovan traditions

Vertuta are rolls of small size, which are made from puff exhaust test. It is the main condition of this delicious baking.

The basis has received its name precisely because at the final stage of preparation it is pulled out as thinly as possible (up to 1 mm). This creates an original, airy, layered structure.

Now it's time to find out how to cook such baked goods?

With vegetables

The variety of fillings and your imagination allows you to cook a dish for every taste:

  1. The traditional version of the filling for Moldavian vertuta consists of potatoes and greens. But you need to start cooking from the most important thing - the test. For it will be needed:
  • flour - 400 g;
  • water - 100 ml;
  • sunflower oil - 3-5 tbsp;
  • eggs - 1 piece;
  • salt.

Pour flour into a bowl, make a well in the middle and drive an egg in there. Gradually pour water and butter, and knead the dough. It should have a plastic consistency and not stick to hands.

We divide the total mass into several small balls, wrap in cling film and put in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Start preparing the filling. For it will be needed:

  • potatoes - 2-3 pcs .;
  • greens (dill, parsley, cilantro);
  • salt.

Grate raw potatoes, mix with finely chopped greens and salt.

Next, you need to prepare a spacious work surface, as the dough will be drawn out and significantly increase in size. We take the dough out of the cold, grease each ball with vegetable oil, roll it out thinly, and begin to stretch it into fists. As a result, you should have thin, enlightened sheets.

On each of them evenly spread potatoes with greens. We wrap up four edges in turn, after which we roll up the roll completely. We spread on a baking sheet so that the seam was at the bottom, grease with yolk, and put in the oven for 40 minutes.

In autumn, during the harvest season, Moldovans often bake twirls with a pumpkin. For them, prepare the same dough as in the previous recipe, and for filling use:

  • pumpkin pulp - 500 g;
  • apples - 2 pcs .;
  • sugar - 3-5 tbsp.

Fruits must be peeled, grated on a fine grater and let stand. When the juice is allocated, half of it drain. Spread the pumpkin with apples on the billet, sprinkle with sugar and roll into a roll. Bake for 30-40 minutes.

Just as easy to prepare and twirls with cabbage. Will be needed:

  • fresh or sauerkraut;
  • onion;
  • vegetable oil.

What kind of cabbage to use depends on your culinary preferences. Fresh must be finely chopped and put out, adding onions, carrots and spices. First you need to thoroughly wash the pickled and stew with onions. Put on blanks, roll them up as snails and send them to bake.

With sweet filling

This is a great option for a cup of tea or coffee, which you can please not only home, but also guests.

With apples. Moldovans usually use for filling:

  • apples - 2-3 pieces;
  • raisins - 50 g;
  • sugar.

Apples can be grated or finely chopped. Raisin for 20 minutes with hot water.Mix the ingredients, add sugar and lay on the sheets. Collapse into rolls and bake.

With poppy. You can use ready-made stuffing, which can be purchased in supermarkets or cook yourself. To do this, take:

  • poppy - 300 g;
  • milk - 100 ml;
  • sugar - 250 g;
  • lemon peel;
  • raisin - 50 g

Poppy must grind in a coffee grinder or blender, add sugar and pour hot milk. Put on a small fire and cook until thick. Remove from the heat, let cool slightly, put lemon zest and steamed raisins. Stir and distribute the dough.

Simple recipes of cooking vertutu will be an excellent addition to the cookbook of each hostess. The variety of fillings and incredibly tasty dough will surely delight lovers of tasty pastries.

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