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Top 10 of the worst rides of the world (11 photos and video)

Do you like rides? If you consider this to be child's play, then you probably just don’t know that there are so terrible rides that only the brave will decide to ride them.

The most terrible rides: top 10

1. "Over the roof of the world". In Las Vegas there is a very high observation tower “Stratosphere”, which reaches a height of 350 meters, and this is the second observation tower in height throughout the western hemisphere. What is significant and surprisingly this place? In fact, it combines three attractions at once not for the faint of heart.

The first is the Big Shot Tower. The name translates as “big shot” and speaks for itself. You will be seated on a platform and fastened, and then raised to a height equal to 329 meters at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour. This place was discovered in 1996, and it is the “oldest” on the Stratosphere.


The second attraction located here is the Insanity carousel (which translates to “madness”).You may think that this is the simplest and most usual carousel, but it is located at a height of 300 m almost over the precipice, and another 20 meters away from the edge of the roof. You will be promoted with a fairly significant acceleration, while you will be placed face down.

X Scream trailer

And, finally, the "X Scream" trailer. In it, you will be dispersed and sent almost to the abyss. The nose of the carriage will hang over the precipice, and it will seem to you that you are about to fall. Those who want to ride in such a crazy trailer, by the way, a little.

2. "Giant Canyon"Located in the state of Colorado in America. On the very edge of the cliff (at least 400 meters will have to fall from it) there is a swing with long rods. You and three other madmen will sit on this swing and will roll at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour over the precipice itself.

Giant canyon

By the way, to visit this attraction, you need to sign a document indicating that riding can lead to injuries, a fall and death. Worth thinking!

3. "Catapult"in the amusement park "Divo Ostrov" in St. Petersburg. Cables are attached to two huge columns, which provide strong tension and allow the capsule (it is attached to these same cables) to fly up to a height of 54 meters with great speed. Then you come back, but then you take off again under the influence of your own weight and inertia.


In this case, the capsule has the ability to rotate around its axis, so that dizzying (in the literal sense of the word) emotions are provided to you. Such an attraction is also in another place, it is called the "Flying Dutchman", but the altitude is lower and is only 35-40 meters, but there is enchanting lighting. And you can order a video and then see your frightened face.

4. Free Fall Zone in Paramount (Ohio). Want to check if you are afraid of heights? Visit this attraction. It is a pillar with a height of about 100 meters and a platform placed on it.

Very scary

First you will be lifted to the top of the pillar so that you can explore the surroundings and enjoy the views, and then literally throw down so that you feel and understand what a free fall is. By the way, you will fall at a speed of about 100 kilometers per hour.

5. "Formula Ross"in the "Feary Park", located in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). This is truly the fastest roller coaster in the world. So, in just 5 seconds, a speed of 240 kilometers per hour is developed, which is an incredible amount. Overloads are almost comparable to those experienced by astronauts.

Formula Ross at Ferrari Park

And since the speed is prohibitive, all skaters are given special glasses that protect their eyes. You will soar into the sky to a height of over 50 meters, and then almost in free fall, heading down. Impressive? Watch the video and you will understand what emotions you can experience on such an attraction.

6.Also included is the attraction."Smiler", which is a roller coaster, but not quite normal. First, there is a record number of dead loops, namely, 14.

Attraction "Smiler"

Secondly, the highest loop is located at an altitude of 30 meters. Thirdly, the attraction was developed by engineers under the guidance of psychologists, who were tasked with raising the fear factor.

That is why, in addition to high speed (about 85 kilometers per hour) and impressive height, you can enjoy realistic optical illusions: bright glare, flying in rolling syringes and much more. Surprisingly, the whole trip will take only 165 seconds, but the impressions will last a lifetime.

7. “Kingda Ka” roller coaster. Their uniqueness lies in the beyond the height of 139 meters. The hydraulic mechanism will accelerate you in 3.5 seconds to 206 kilometers per hour.Just imagine: tremendous speed and extreme height! Unfortunately, in May 2009, lightning struck the construction, which damaged the mechanism.

Kingda Ka roller coaster

But a major overhaul was carried out, which allowed the attraction to be completely restored and to ensure its correct and safe functioning. By the way, if you look at the photo of "Kingda Ka", you can be sure that it is really enormous.

8. Roller coaster "Takabisha"located in Japan, are famous for having the largest angle of inclination, which is 121 degrees. First you dive into the tunnel, but first you will go so slowly that you will notice how your heart beats. Then the engines will accelerate the cabin. Reaching approximately the middle of the path, you literally fall from a height of 43 meters downwards and in just a few seconds accelerate to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

Roller coaster Takabisha

Then a couple more turns, a sharp turn and the end of the road. The total length of the hill is about 1 kilometer, but this distance will be overcome incredibly quickly. At some point, it may seem to you that you are floating in weightlessness, but a precipitous drop will literally bring you back to reality and make you frightened.

9.Not far from one of the small Brazilian cities of Fortaleza is a unique water park. What is he famous for? The fact that it has the highest water slide in the world. By the way, the record is not yet broken. The height is about 40 meters, and this is equal to the height of a 14-storey building.


Just imagine what the scale! When you reach the top, you can enjoy the stunning view that opens before you: the sea, palm trees, sandy beach. The descent from the slide is the most real free fall, which will last only 4-6 seconds. But in such a short period of time a person can develop a considerable speed and accelerate to 100-110 kilometers per hour.

By the way, the attraction has a speaking name."Insano"which translates to "madness." And this is really the real madness. If you want emotions, a test during a descent, to capture for life, then get a video with your descent. Such shots can be very funny.

10.And one more attraction, which is included in the rating of the worst in the world, is"Zip World"in Bethesda (North Wales, United Kingdom). It is the longest zip line in the world in the entire Northern Hemisphere, which is about 1,700 meters long.The cable is located over a beautiful canyon and over a crystal clear lake, passes between the mountains.

Zip World "in Bethesda

Brave men will first be delivered high to the mountains, then they will be given suits and equipment, and then attached to the cable. During the flight, you will be placed face down, so that you can appreciate the beauty of nature, as well as experience fear from a great height. Descending on the rope a person can develop a speed that reaches 160-170 kilometers per hour. The attraction was opened in 2013, but it has already become famous throughout the world and the heads of thousands of daredevils are circling.

And you would dare to ride on one of the above attractions?

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