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Travel a thousand li

Civilization of immemorial antiquity, a giant human anthill, located on the surface of the earth, an economic miracle with a communist face. The country of great rivers, terrible mountains and languid poetic landscapes, separated from the world by a gigantic wall visible from space. All this is China, huge and mysterious, for the study of which there is not enough life.

Art, culture, nature, exotic, unsurpassed treatment in China - this is a miserable short list of what people are drawn to here. Describing China, even briefly, is an impossible task. However, local people say that half the history of China is the Great Wall of China. The one who saw her, is able to feel the spirit of the country.

The wall (and it is necessary to write and pronounce this name with a capital letter) is a symbol of the power of Chinese civilization. It is possible to imagine what impression it made on travelers, if today, at the sight of its individual parts, the tourists catch their breath, and some of our compatriots give themselves out as characteristic exclamations, which should not be cited.

Accessible sections of the Wall are located at varying degrees of distance from Beijing. To some, a minibus will take you in about 20 minutes, others will have to go one and a half to two hours, and others can be seen only if you order a special tour.

The most remote and least restored part of the wall is Dzhanshalin, 130 km from the capital to it. There are still quite secluded places, but getting there will cost you a little more than a visa to Poland: they are closed for official visits. The wall, preserved in the city of Jiang'an and in the mountains of Yanyshan, was built of purple marble. They say that this is the most beautiful and durable parts of it.

There are four popular sites available for tourists to visit. It is located near the rebuilt part of Beijing near the Badalin mountain (60 km from the city). Next comes the picturesque Mutjani plot with fourteen towers, distant from the capital by 90 km. Next is Simatai, the length of which is only 4.5 km, but there are as many as thirty-five guard towers and very few tourists: there are fewer people willing to go 110 km from the city to overcome steep ascents and descents.The impressions of the Wall here are magical: the Heavenly Bridge and the Heavenly Ladder are evidence not only of engineering skill, but also of the highest courage of people who dared to rise on them.


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