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Trends that Russian girls will never accept

Over the past few years, the trends have so often replaced each other that we have not even managed to compile a correct chronology. Colored fur coats and bright tights have already gone out of fashion? And hyperdlinnye sleeves, like Pierrot, and caps with logos are already wearing everything or is it still the prerogative of the colorful audience that comes to design shows? If we consider that fashion is always experiencing the influence of culture and traditions of the geographical point where it develops, then this can be explained by the fact that Fashion Week in New York and Fashion Week in Milan are so different in mood and style and the fact that in some countries some trends are “fired”, while in others others.

In our country, for example, all tendencies that strongly deny femininity and hinting at a certain neutral floor are always difficult: trouser suits as a symbol of elegance that we “borrowed” in men with this thing are yes, but everything is baggy. , volumetric, shapeless - well, no.For aesthetics, we are still closer to Milan than to New York, and from fashionable experiments, those that do not spoil the figure and do not make us ridiculous. And no matter how hard fashion magazines and designers try, there are trends that will not take root in our country either now or in the near future. Although we, of course, can be wrong ...

Sweatshirt instead of a dress

This notorious "pants to wear forgotten" haunts us from school, and if in the case of a long sweater that turns into a dress, you can still come up with a compromise, then the sweatshirt is still a jacket, not a dress, and as the only (visible! ) of the garment it looks strange.

Street style

Socks with any open shoes

This trend, inspired by the Japanese style, made its way into fashion long and hard, but for some reason in our latitudes it still causes a negative reaction. Designers of Dolce & Gabbana even men are brought to the catwalk in sandals with socks, but for now we have a good joke on the subject of this duet (we are talking about open shoes and socks).

Street style

Sport sandals

In the Soviet times, these sandals were called "soap-boxes", and in the 2000s they migrated to the status of footwear for dachas, in which it was undesirable to appear in the city - the reputation is more expensive, and besides, the abundance of summer open shoes was already enormous at that time.Since then, Rihanna, Nike, Michael Kors, Victoria's Secret and others have worked on this model of sandals, but we have nothing to do with anything - we continue to hate such a couple.

Street style

Clothing with stripes

All fashion bloggers do this, namely, they wear sports pants with stripes with casual clothes (even “holy” pumps are used), trying to “push” this sports thing to the masses. We do not doubt that most of us have such pants somewhere on the mezzanine, but we don’t have a big desire to try them on ourselves, especially with shoes.

Street style

Ugly fur

All fashion trends with the ugly prefix in our latitudes pass with difficulty - this also applies to ugly shoes (ugly shoes - we wrote about it above), and ugly sweaters (ugly sweaters resembling a ridiculous children's collage), and ugly fur - artificial fur with a claim on the originality and appearance of the ragged soft toys.

Street style

Torn clothes

Torn in our understanding is always untidy, cheap, ugly. Perhaps, the wave of indignation was bypassed only by jeans, but by no means replicated by Kanye West and the followers sweaters and sweatshirts with holes. Ragged from Kanye or ragged about the fence - for us it is, in principle, the same thing.

Street style

Underwear over clothing

Of all the listed above, this trend seems to have never occurred in any country to the streets, although the idea itself carries an original idea: you bought yourself an expensive underwear, and a passionate romance is over and there is now nobody to show the kit. But nevertheless, the puncture of this tendency is in its impracticality: why wear clothes on a T-shirt in the summer, when it is so hot that you want to take off all the excess?


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