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Truck breakdown

I recently got a job in Moscow as a truck driver. Recently I watched how the guys could hardly change the wheel that had been punched, and then he thought about it - what if that happens to me. Tell me what to do in this situation, where can I turn?
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Answered on August 23 15:20
Are you one driver at a company or are you several? Several people work for us, and we are always in touch, in case of any breakdown we help each other. Check with the authorities immediately all questions relating to the repair of the car.
Answered on August 23 15:27
I also work as a truck driver. The car is listed on the company and we have our own mechanic who is responsible for the health of all cars. But the situations are different, and it is good if there is a tire service near you at the right time.
Answered on August 23 15:38
In a truck it is much more difficult to change tires, especially if the car is loaded. And the jack in such situations does not help much.For me, this question is also relevant, because now I’m just looking for a job as a truck driver. I have found a company that provides truck tire mounting services. I hope you find this information useful.
Mr incognito
Mr incognito
Answered on August 25 22:17
Privet. Ya vot ishu sayt dlya spechtexniki.

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