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Updated balcony, which is always spring!

Author: Elena

Finally we were going to put plastic windows on the balcony! And then the idea came: instead of the tulle on the side windows, which protected us from extraneous views, paint them according to the type of stained-glass windows :))
Agreed with the masters that they will insert all the windows except the side. They will be left to me for coloring and will be installed later ... when the work is finished.

And I decided to paint the windows. Masters inserted all the glass, except the side, which left me for painting. I cut a piece of wallpaper along the length of the window, (stayed with us from the bedroom, with a very beautiful pattern), prepared contours, acrylic and stained-glass paints.

I must say that I never did anything of the kind, I had no experience with stained-glass paints (except for viewing several videos on the network), but for some reason (Oh, impudence!) I was sure that I could do it!))

The wallpaper was planted under the glass, and began to outline the flowers, leaves and stems in a contour. And then flooded all the stained glass paints. Worked four days! Then the masters called.They came and put the glasses in place! Then they took a long photo of what happened. And my husband and I were shining with joy and happiness, that we now have such an exclusive balcony !!!

And, although, apart from the windows, the balcony has not been renewed anywhere else (the finishing has been postponed until spring), but it cannot wait to boast of the results of their labors!

Here's what I got!

I must say that the windows did different intentionally!

We do not have any neighbors on the left, so the window is completely painted with stained-glass paints, it turned out more transparent and tender!




On the right, in order to hide from the neighbors' views, she painted with stained glass paints only on flowers, and then, in two layers. And the leaves - painted with acrylic paints. So the window turned out to be openwork, but not transparent. We can see our neighbors, but they don’t see us))

In general, see for yourself! It was only difficult to photograph in order to catch the color - everything sparkles in the light and shimmers, and each time gives different shades.

Ok so the window is LEFT

It's getting dark here ... it is starting to get dark ...


And this is how the windows looked like one February evening ...

Left afternoon:

And at night ...

Right afternoon:

Right night ...

This is the spring we have on the balcony all year round now !!!

We are glad! And beautiful, and from the eyes of the neighbors are covered))

The husband managed to admire the painted glass and went to the flight .... Our balcony has remained unfinished. And now, 5 months have passed, the husband came from the seas and got to work!
I am proud that he himself sheathed all the walls and window sills.

And the old nightstand for their tools updated in the style of the entire balcony.

He laid the floor and set the couch, sawing off the excess from the old kitchen corner.

But especially, of course, we are proud of the ceiling idea that came to my mind!
For him, bought the usual ceiling tiles. Like these ones:

And then I took on their reincarnation. Painted with acrylic paints. Like this:

Well, and then adorned them with more dot painting - this is my favorite technique in needlework.

And so ... every tile! And it took them 10 pieces.

Then she covered the plates with PVA glue first to reduce the consumption of varnish, since the surface of the plates was too porous. And then, covered everything with acrylic varnish twice, with intermediate drying.
We did the same with ceiling friezes. And then, together with her husband, they pasted all this beauty on the ceiling.
Under the action of varnish, the paint became a little brighter, and that's how the plates looked on the ceiling in finished form!

Of course, I had to tinker. Labor and time was spent a lot. But now you can easily take care of them - they withstand wet cleaning without problems.
In general, look and evaluate what kind of balcony we have turned out!

Installed a ceiling dryer - a very convenient thing!

For those who suddenly decide to repeat this experience, I share valuable advice: acrylic paints proved to be very resistant, but stained paints, alas, turned out to be weak in front of our frosts, cracked after the first winter, and I redid the painting with Gloss Gel paint. Here it was that it is necessary - a real liquid glass.


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