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Validol - reliable old remedy

This tool has been successfully used for many years as a means of relieving emotional stress, light painkillers. Validol tablet is recommended as a symptomatic therapy for a number of heart diseases and problems with the nervous system. The active ingredient in this medicine is a solution of menthol in menthol ester of isovalerianic acid. That is why validol primarily has a calming, relaxing effect, dilates blood vessels. More than half of the active ingredients enters the human body in the first three minutes after ingestion, and the effect of taking the drug can be seen after five minutes.

How to take validol?

Validol is available in the form of tablets or capsules that are intended for resorption (the tablet should be placed under the tongue, where it should be kept until complete dissolution). You can also find such advice - to drop validol with a piece of sugar and hold sugar behind your cheek.

The most common dosage is 1 tablet for stress, heart pain. Per day you can take 2-3 tablets or capsules. In some cases, the dosage may be increased after consulting a specialist.

Indications for use

Auxiliary tool validol will be with angina, is also suitable to alleviate the state of motion sickness (motion sickness), hysteria, headache (after taking nitroglycerin). Also validol is suitable for admission for pain in the heart, which arise on the background of neurosis.

Contraindications for taking validol

The first contraindication will be individual intolerance to the components of the drug. Careful with this tool, you must be the one who suffers from low blood pressure, diabetes.

Attention!If you are worried about the pain in your heart, do not grasp for validol. First of all, consult your doctor to understand the causes of the disease.


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