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Vine Toy Basket

Toys! For a small child, they are of great importance. He spends a lot of time with them. He may even consider them alive. This is his wealth, his treasure! Through them he knows the world. And it would be foolish to underestimate their importance in the life of a baby and treat them carelessly. Toys need to be kept clean, periodically inspect them for damage. And it would be good if they were stored in a special basket, and not in a box from under the TV. Favorite bunny or teddy bear can not live in the old box. Therefore, we suggest you weave a basket for toys from the vine. Made from environmentally friendly materials, it will decorate the interior of any room and bring joy to children.
Basket for toys from the rod

To work you need such materials

1. Plywood sheet size 40x60 cm. 2. Drill, drill, nail, hammer, simple pencil and ruler. 3. Bamboo sticks with a diameter of 4 mm and a height of 30-45 cm. 4. Glue for wood or superglue. 5.Long twigs of weeping willow. 6. Twigs of willow shrubs. 7. 3 m of decorative sea grass twisted rope. You can buy it in large building supermarkets. 8. Varnish for opening wooden products on a water basis and a brush. 9. A cut of cotton fabric with a children's pattern in the size of 1.5x1.5 m. 10. 2.15 m of lace and 1.5 m of elastic.

Getting started weaving a basket for toys

1. Take a sheet of plywood measuring 40x60 cm and 1 cm thick. Its corners should be rounded. Mark on the end of the plywood holes for the pigtails from the rod that will decorate it. The holes should be located at a distance of 2 cm from each other and have a diameter of 3.5 mm. The “braid” bend will have 4 rods in the upper waves and 6 rods in the lower ones. In each hole you need to insert 2 twigs of shrub vine. Bending "Spit" begins with weaving 4 rods. Therefore, in the place of its beginning it is necessary to mark three times by 2 holes as close as possible to each other. These pairs of holes will be 2 cm apart, like other single holes. Make a dent in each hole with a nail and hammer. This will facilitate the process of drilling holes. Basket for toys from the rod
Basket for toys from the rod
Basket for toys from the rod
2. On the surface of the plywood bottom for the basket also need to mark the holes for the main racks. Their diameter will correspond to the diameter of bamboo sticks, since they will serve as racks in the basket for toys. Mark them with a pencil and a ruler at a distance of 3 cm from each other.
Basket for toys from the rod
Basket for toys from the rod
Basket for toys from the rod
3. Drill the marked holes. Their depth at the end of plywood will be approximately 1-1.5 cm. It is better not to make holes on the surface of plywood so that the bottom of the basket has a beautiful, smooth look. 4. Weave a braid bend at the end of a plywood bottom. 5. Take bamboo sticks and put them on glue in the holes drilled on the surface of the plywood. Let the glue dry. We took bamboo sticks 30 cm long.This is not very convenient, since the basket will be higher and the bamboo stands will have to be increased in the process of weaving. It is good if you find such sticks in height 40-45 cm high. 6. Take 3 long willow twigs and start one for three stands. Weave around the bamboo racks rope in 3 rods. 7. When the height of the rope reaches 5 cm, proceed to layer-by-layer weaving in 5 rods. To do this, get for each rack on 5 long willow twigs and weave 25 cm up layer-by-layer weaving. We took here the rods of a weeping willow so that on the inner surface of the basket for toys there would be as little as possible extensions of the rods. Although you can get by with shorter twigs of willow shrubs. "style =" max->"Basket of toys from the vineBasket for toys from the rod 8. After finishing the layer-by-layer weaving into 5 rods, weave a pair of rows of sea grass with a pair of simple weaves. 9. Now pull back 4 cm up and again weave 2 rows with the same rope. 4 cm of bare bamboo racks form peculiar squares, which in future will serve as basket handles. 10.Braid 2 cm up the rope in 3 rods. 11. Securely fasten the ends of the rope and proceed to building racks for bending the “rod” of three pairs of rods. To do this, cut the bamboo stand and grow in front of them one by one from the twigs of shrub willow. Wires need to be deep. So that they reach as far as the bottom rows, woven from the rope of sea grass. 12. Weave the rod twist of three pairs of rods. 13. Basket weaving finished. Open it with water-based varnish. It is not as toxic as a solvent-based varnish. Therefore, it is often used to open children's furniture.
Basket for toys from the rod
Basket for toys from the rod
14. While the varnish dries, sew the lining for the basket. The fabric lining plays an important role in the toy basket. It closes the places where the twigs were built, and thus protects children's fingers from unpleasant contact with them. Also, the lining does not pollute the basket itself. If necessary, the lining at any time can be removed and washed. Simply cut the fabric so that its parts match the size of the inner sides of the basket and extend slightly upwards.Leave a couple of centimeters for the seams. And also add 10 cm to the height of the lining. This is necessary so that it can bend outside the basket and be fixed on it with the help of a rubber band.
Basket of toys from the vine
15. Sewing all the cut out details, you get a kind of bag. Fold and stitch its edges so that the hole for the rubber becomes. 16. Tighten the gum in the bag. 17. Sew the lace around the perimeter of the lining. [/L_REPEAT]

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